Did someone lift your skirt?

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What does the Scot have under his skirt?

When things go really well, lipstick.

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Two friends meet, one says:

"In the past my husband was after every rock. But since his trip to Scotland he has been transformed ..."

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What is the difference between a long skirt and a mini skirt?

The access time!

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Two nuns are followed by a man while they are out walking. They accelerate their steps, but at the same time the man walks faster and comes closer and closer. "Even if we run as fast as possible, he'll catch up with us soon," one sister fears, "what should we do?" "It's best if we split up, then at least one of us will get away safely," replies the other. They split up, and while the man follows the first nun, the other reaches the monastery unmolested. A short time later the first nun also comes back.

"What happened after we broke up?" asks the second nun.
"Well, the expected, the man followed me and I ran faster."
"And then?"
"Well, the feared, the man caught up with me."
"What happened then?"
"The inevitable, I lifted my skirt ..."
"Oh God ..."
"... and the man lowered his pants."
"And what happened then?"
"The most natural thing: a nun with her skirt up can run much faster than a man with his pants down."

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Dear Dr. Winter, I am fourteen years old. I have a big problem so I need your help. I have a 16 year old boyfriend. I love him very much. But my parents don't like him. That's why we always have to meet in the park.

He kissed me the other day. That was really nice. Then he reached under my skirt and stroked me. Then I reached into his pocket and stroked him. I felt a bottle-shaped object.

And now my question to you: "Is my friend a drinker?"

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