Where can I find hope 1

Hannah Falkenberg (29)

Travel the world as a photographer! That was always Hannah's dream. And so she left home behind to discover life through her camera lens. But now, in her late twenties, Hannah returns to Sternmoos traumatized. Your world is not the same after a tragic accident in South America. She hopes to find comfort in her aunt Lou's old mill, with her two sisters Rosa and Antonia. But hardly having arrived home, she meets Jakob, her first great love. And Hannah realizes that she is far from leaving her past behind ...

Rosa Falkenberg (32)

Even as a little girl, Rosa loved to spend her time with her sisters Hannah and Antonia in the old mill on the Sternsee. Now, in her early thirties, she runs the mill with her Aunt Lou - and couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for her boyfriend Julian â € œ When Rosa finds out that he is having an affair, she simply throws him in front of the door. But a little later Julian's attractive brother David shows up in the mill shop and turns her life upside down. What Rosa does not suspect, however: David does not play with open cards â € œ.

Antonia Falkenberg (33)

Antonia, the eldest of the three Mill Sisters, is the family whirlwind. After her first relationship ended traumatically many years ago, she only lets herself into superficial affairs. In return, she is completely absorbed in her job as a midwife - and more recently in the role of a witness for her best friend Anna, who is planning a big wedding in the mill on the Sternsee. But when Antonia realizes that of all people, Xander, the arrogant son of an unscrupulous hotelier, is giving the best man, she wants to run away. If only Xander weren't so terribly attractive â € ¦