What are the internships in hotel management

Tourism management internship

The tourism industry needs well-trained specialists who not only have a professional qualification but also have practical experience. Those who only have theoretical knowledge can hardly survive in customer contact and the dynamic world of tourism.
Tourism employers know this and therefore attach great importance to the practical experience of their applicants. A tourism internship during the apprenticeship is therefore an absolute must!

How do practice-oriented experiences help?

A tourism management internship has numerous advantages. First of all, you can directly apply the knowledge you have gained from studying tourism. In this way you consolidate your specialist knowledge and are of great benefit to companies.
Their Wealth of experience you can also make it clear in later job interviews and salary negotiations. Every internship abroad enhances your résumé!

Discover your own talent through an internship!

In addition, a tourism internship helps immensely to find your own focus. After all, tourism management is a broad field. The wide range of job profiles in the travel industry ranges from airline employees to quality managers. Most tourism management graduates want to work for an organizer or in event and congress management. But not everyone has a controller, a yield manager or a sales representative ...

tip: Put one in your place during your tourism studies main emphasis and follow it consistently. As expert in one area you increase your job chances, get better positions and higher salaries. Practical experience in tourism management helps to find this focus.
Discover where your strengths and weaknesses lie and what you particularly enjoy!

Tourism management internship: contact exchange & qualification

With a tourism management internship you will get to know a lot contactsthat will help you later in the professional world and provide inspiration for your professional career.
During a tourism internship you will get to know different areas in the company and understand the organizational structures of the travel industry. For prospective managers, this is the best prerequisite for successfully managing large companies in the future.

You can do a tourism internship before, during and after your studies. In order to gain as many impressions as possible, several internships are recommended in the tourism sector. A so-called Work and travel stay Abroad offers the chance to travel cheaply, gain practical experience and at the same time improve your language skills!

Improve your English skills with a hotel job in the fun sports and nature paradise Queenstown in New Zealand. With this offer, you will have a permanent job available upon arrival!

Particularly exciting: Tourism internships abroad

An internship abroad is particularly recommended in tourism. The industry is extremely international and needs Experts |who are very familiar with certain countries and can advise travel customers professionally accordingly.

A tourism management internship or internship in hotel management offers committed tourism students a wonderful opportunity to go abroad for a longer period of time. There are special ones for those interested in hotels and restaurants who want to try out practical things abroad Work experience offers.

: Here you will find the right internship abroad for your career planning, which is also a lot of fun and experience ...

Expand foreign language skills

In such a global industry as tourism Foreign language skills an absolute must. Companies absolutely need employees Negotiable are.
A tourism manager internship abroad is an ideal opportunity to develop and perfect language skills.

Different language travel providers have for the combination Internship abroad with internship special offers. The complete package is often also known as the work experience and language course

Prove courage, mobility and open-mindedness

Anyone who dares to take the step abroad shows future employers in the international tourism industry courage, mobility and cosmopolitanism. Tourism internships abroad are possible in many areas: How about an internship in the hotel and catering industry, for example?

Or are you more drawn to tour operators, the trade fair and congress business, an airline or perhaps an international hotel chain? The possibilities are as diverse as the industry itself.

Work and travel
is the motto with which every tourism student and graduate can put together their own individual internship. Whether you are a self-planner or a fan of organized trips, you will find the ideal internship abroad with this work and travel test!

Internship exchange tourism

You can search specifically for tourism or tourism management internships at internship fairs on the Internet and find out about the many possibilities. You can search specifically for internships in the tourism sector on internship exchanges such as MeinPraktikum or on conventional online job exchanges.

Duration and salary of a tourism internship

  • For a Tourism internship in Germany is a duration of about six weeks makes sense.
  • Many human resource experts recommend for one Internship abroad a minimum of three monthsin order to also become fit in the respective foreign language. So it is worth planning a whole practical semester for a tourism internship abroad.

The salary for interns varies from company to company as well as depending on the country. Measured against the workload and the hours worked by an intern, a “fair” salary is rarely paid. A salary of around 400 euros per month is common. Alternatively, interns often receive board and lodging as an expense allowance. This practice is particularly common in the hotel industry.