How does Go Green help the environment

Go Green - 20 simple tips for more sustainability in everyday life

Go Green for more sustainability in everyday life. But where do you start? “If everyone sweeps in front of their own door, the whole street is clean.” - This Chinese proverb sums up what matters most in the sustainability movement. Our decisions in everyday life and in many areas of life

We show with which simple tips everyday life can be easily changed and a contribution to the improvement of our environment can be made. The transition is a long process, the recommendation is not to do too much at once.

Go Green - 20 simple tips for sustainability in everyday life

  1. Put in the Toothbrush on wood instead of plastic. Bamboo toothbrushes are now available in every drug store.
  2. If you want to go one step further, you can even Tooth powder take instead of toothpaste.
  3. Make up your mind on one sustainable, aluminum-free deodorant, e.g. from Weleda.
  4. Invest in one reusable water bottle made of stainless steel for on the go and in the office.
  5. Choose her Organic fruits and vegetables from organic cultivation and you can also rely on seasonal products that do not have to be flown in.
  6. Preferably buy groceries unpacked. of course on that market, but even in the supermarket and at the bakery there are now reusable fruit and vegetable nets and jut bags. For zero waste, you can go to the next unpacked shop.
  7. Try To save energy. Bring Energy saving lamps in your house and switch to one environmentally friendly energy supplier. Naturstrom, for example, is a popular provider, regardless of the large corporations.
  8. Help them Food waste to reduce. For example, with the Too-Good-to-Go app, you can now find shops nearby that offer flawless, unsold products at lower prices. Above all, fruits and vegetables come in all shapes and colors that don't always have to look perfect to taste.
  9. Always take one Shopping bag with, for more sustainability in everyday life.
  10. Make yours Do some research before choosing a restaurant and make sure the food is homemade and organic. There are also numerous delicious offers for vegetarians and vegans. Here are the best regional gourmet restaurants in Germany.
  11. Try the principle of Minimalism and Green Living. Choose natural products and watch out for pollutants, especially in paint and wallpaper.
  12. Current Fashion trends bring sustainability back to life. Invest in a second-hand or vintage piece. Rent luxury clothes that you know will only be worn once.
  13. Whenever you buy new products, always invest in sustainable and ethical clothing. Sustainable sneakers or sustainable jeans, stars like Meghan Markle show how it's done.
  14. Opt for sustainable accessories, for example by the designer Annoushka.
  15. Go for the traininstead of flying and go for sustainable hotels.
  16. Ride your bike or walk more oftento minimize CO2 emissions and promote health. In large cities, it may even be possible to do without a car altogether and instead opt for car sharing.
  17. use sustainable cosmetics, which does not use animal testing and does not contain any harmful substances. Even with shampoos and shower gels, sustainable products without microplastics should be chosen or the bar soap should be tried out.
  18. Switch to reusable cotton pads, towels and sponges. Natural sponges from the sea also offer the wellness effect and are available everywhere.
  19. Sort your trash and compost Your biodegradable waste. Plastic should always be recycled.
  20. For example, they are suitable for storing food Beeswax film instead of cling film and storage jars made of pressed wheat straw, stainless steel or wicker baskets.

Step by step towards a conscious lifestyle

We recommend only doing what is easy for you and what you can persevere. Step by step towards more sustainability in everyday life. That means slowly switching to a conscious life. Even if you do not always keep it up because of a lack of time or the possibilities simply not to let it go, it is important to sensitize your own consciousness in the long term.