How fun was your childhood



"Mom, do you remember how you used to wrap me tightly in my duvet to fall asleep?" Anni asked me recently. Yes, I still remember it well. Actually very good. "That was always so nice, our ritual!", She continued. Yes, that was one of our everyday rituals. Reading together and afterwards I wrapped her tightly in her cozy blanket. She always needed that to feel safe and comfortable. And then I asked her what she liked best that day. I still do that every evening tonight, by the way. Then I told her how much I actually love her. Namely to the sun and back, to Morocco, Iceland, to Canada to China to us ... She looked at me and was happy. Sometimes she would return the game and tell me how much she would love me, listing pretty much every country she knew ... childhood.

When I think of my childhood, there are those beautiful summer days in the garden. My grandparents' garden was always my place of happiness all summer long. I was so free and happy then. All day long I romped around, played, muddled, did handicrafts, plucked flowers or sat in the garden with one of the many neighbors. Only in the evening to sleep I am back in.

I think of the great vacations that I was able to experience. How the coach broke down in the desert and we all had to get out in the heat. What was that exciting. I think about how grandpa fished starfish or sea urchins out of the sea every time. I remember my mum going to Denmark with me, camping, and it really rained almost all the time. How great I thought it was and how I kept looking out of the tent into the rain or running soaking wet across the campsite.

Little rituals that shaped me all the more ...

I think back to how much I looked forward to Christmas Eve or my birthday every year. On the table of gifts that was there every year. So lovingly prepared. It was always a great pleasure. A wonderful ritual that I continue with each of my children. Because I like to think back to it myself and still feel today how happy I was about this table of gifts and the serenade I sang.

I think about how grandpa used to pinch me in the evenings. I think of the children's church on Sunday. I remember Grandma giving me red peppers and a crunchy yogurt every night because she knew how much I love both. And I think back with joy on the drawer on our kitchen table. It was a little treasure trove with lots of things that you loved as a child. Egg figures, small toys, plasticine, colorful children's plasters and sweets were hidden in it. If you had hurt yourself or did something particularly well or somehow needed consolation, then you could go to the drawer and pick out exactly one part. I still remember how long we would always stand in front of the drawer, take everything in hand, just to be sure that we made the right choice. I like to think back to all of that.

As part of the new “Expression of Life” campaign by HP is called to remember your own childhood. To revive them all over again. What were the little everyday rituals, what were the experiences that are unforgettable?

And there is so much that I remember. So many moments together with my parents, grandparents and sisters. I still remember exactly how we got up every Sunday and looked forward to the Sunday fairy tale at noon, which we all watched together in the living room and later in my room. I think back to how my father loved listening to Sade over breakfast over the weekend. She really did a CD every weekend. To this day I can't hear her anymore, haha. And then my mouth is still watering today when I think of great-grandmother's semolina. Hmmm, what was that delicious. Memories after memories. The little experiences that have shaped so much.

Unfortunately, I don't have many photos from my childhood myself. Hardly any, actually. But every photo tells a story. Every photo is incredibly precious to me. On my birthday, my family gave me two old and one new photo of me. I sat in my chair and looked at them. Full of joy. Holding these two photos in my hands was the greatest gift ever. In the digitized world, photos are being printed out less and less often, and they go to waste on cell phones or computers. This is a pity. Because I personally want each of my children to have an album in their hand later - with lots of wonderful memories in them. I want to bring these albums to life. I want you to leaf through these later and remember them with joy. That in the best case scenario they will sit there with their own children and grandchildren and continue to do the same. Leaf through the albums together, laugh and tell stories.

And that's exactly why I will look and listen more consciously over the next few days and weeks and months. I want to capture everyday moments, I want to listen more consciously and sometimes write down what funny or touching anecdotes Mimi is uttering. Because it now speaks like a small waterfall and discovers its surroundings more and more consciously. I will press the shutter button more often in these everyday situations. And then we will use our pictures directly from the cell phone HP ENVY Photo Printer print out and stick in an album. What do you get in the end? I do not know that yet. But I know one thing for sure, many beautiful, exciting and touching moments are sure to be captured.

Tell me, what are childhood rituals that you fondly remember?
Or that you would like to pass on to your children?