Immigration lawyers are expensive

When does an immigration attorney make sense?

Qualified support from an immigration lawyer

Less than 300,000 potential immigrants are actually accepted annually by the Canadian authorities. Trying to immigrate to Canada can be exciting, but it can also be stressful and confusing. A qualified immigration attorney can help avoid unnecessary delays and mean the difference between a successful application and a process that results in permanent delay, rejection, or even expulsion from Canada.

Why an Immigration Attorney?

Talking to an immigration attorney will help you make informed decisions. The question arises in advance which type of application applies to you. The situation and goals of a person are as individual as the person himself and can therefore hardly be treated in a general way. Immigration attorneys are up to date with the latest laws and guidelines that may affect your application.

Not all Immigration advisor are lawyers. Indeed, consultants consistently claim to be professionals in the field of Canadian immigration law, but they are often insufficiently trained. Not to mention a legal license to advise you or even to represent you before the competent Canadian courts. It can be very expensive and difficult - sometimes impossible - to undo mistakes that could have been avoided from the start with the expert advice of an immigration attorney.

The Internet can be a useful resource in the Canadian immigration process as many government guides, application forms, and processing guidelines are available online. Nevertheless, information on the Internet can also be confusing or even incorrect - or simply not suitable for your particular situation. Of course, it can also leave many questions unanswered. We advise clients on immigration matters and can help you to develop this system through correct and complete information tailored to your personal circumstances.

subjectsExamples of what we discuss with our immigration clientele are:

  • Visitor visa
  • Applications for permanent residence permits
  • Work permit
  • Study permit
  • application for asylum
  • Maintaining permanent residence
  • Health restrictions
  • Criminal record
  • nationality

Your advantages when we advise you on immigration law matters:

Confidentiality. All conversations between you and us as immigration lawyers are protected by the confidentiality policy. This means that we cannot disclose your information to anyone, including the government of Canada, without your consent. Advisors who are not licensed as attorneys are not subject to the same confidentiality obligations.

Knowledge and experience. Canadian immigration law and Canadian immigration policies are complex and constantly changing. Errors or missing information can cause significant delays, higher costs, rejections, and sometimes even arrest and expulsion from Canada. Jacob Associates can advise you with legal certainty about your rights and obligations right from the start. Immigration attorneys are part of a network of qualified lawyers across Canada.

Training and professional development. All Canadian attorneys complete several years of legal training and internships before being licensed to practice law. Immigration lawyers are also required to continue their professional development. Accordingly, our clients benefit from years of training and further education in Canadian immigration law.

Legally regulated and accountable. Canadian attorneys are licensed and supervised by provincial or regional bar associations that ensure competence, professionalism and ethics. Bar associations also ensure that lawyers are accountable to their clients in immigration matters.

Legal representation. Only lawyers - not immigration advisors - can help you with matters relating to the Citizenship Act (Citizenship Act) and represented before the Federal Supreme Court.

As immigration lawyers, we have in-depth knowledge of the operations of the Canadian immigration system. We have many years of training and practical experience that enable us to reliably support you in developing and implementing your personal immigration strategy.

We see it as our goal, you for sure to help achieve your immigration goals in Canada.

This comment is of a general nature and is not intended as legal advice, as individual situations differ and should be discussed with a lawyer licensed in the field

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