The music keeps getting worse

5 reasons why we like yesterday's music more than we do today

Newcomer or rather music from back then?
from editorial staff,

Do you listen to more newcomers or more music from back then? In an age where countless new artists appear daily in the vastness of the net and also disappear again, we like to think back to old classics. Old music is and always remains equally good and we know exactly what we have in it. 5 arguments why we like music from then more than music today:

Old music vs. new music

  1. Bigger selection

Although it feels like new artists are making their debut on numerous platforms every minute, it feels like there are five times as many "old" artists - who have already fought their way to the top as new ones.

  1. Hype

How many artists are being hyped for their image these days? Most of the time, the masses hardly care about music. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to be very close to the artist - music becomes a minor matter.

  1. recycling

Much of today's music was inspired and sampled from old songs. But many of us don't even know it!

  1. Knowing your craft

In the past, to make music successfully, you definitely had to be able to sing and play an instrument - today it's all a question of programming!

  1. Emotions

Familiar music arouses emotions. Records that we listened to at a young age, with which we associate something, arouse cognitive processes in the brain. In this way we build a real relationship to the song.


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