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The houses in the USA are paid for in dollars, in our case in euros.
It depends, there are more flat roofs than here in Germany and there are more mobile homes (camping cars) see Florida. Most houses from America are built of wood or more than one house (put together).

Mostly you can also see that they are in different types (architecture) and not uniform as it should be or can be seen normally.
Basic research ...
It is essential that the American homeowner lacks the financial basis which - in general compared to Germany - would give the house the necessary stability. However: This solid anchoring on a monetary basis cannot withstand a hurricane ... and these are increasing.
American houses are often built in timber frame construction, for several centuries, in Scandinavian countries too. A distinction is roughly made between platform frame (floor-by-floor construction) and balloon frame (wall supports over several floors), structurally similar to the local timber-frame construction. Then there are of course the sometimes huge trailers, or mobile homes, according to the motto: home is where you take it
I think our houses are built more on stability. So with the foundation and the like. American houses don't have this so that the people they own can move with them. Due to the many natural disasters z. B. Tornadoes they are made of wood and not of stone like ours. This means that they can usually be set up again quickly.
So first you can't generalize America (USA), in New York there are completely different houses than in L.A.
It makes no sense to set up a stone house with dark bricks in more southern regions, otherwise it would be extremely hot at midnight. In addition, you will find less typical American "wooden houses" in the northern regions, as it can easily be -30 degrees there in winter.
High-rise buildings, i.e. skyscrapers, are usually built on a steel frame. It has many different houses in the USA, as many immigrants come and came from all over the world, so the architecture has taken many influences.
The interior walls of all houses, even large ones, consist of wooden frames with

Sina Simon
An important difference in American houses is the kitchen: It is usually not built as a closed room, but designed as an open kitchen-living room. In the meantime, this is also done quite often with us, because it's just more comfortable :-)
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