Are you afraid of failure

Fear of failure - fear of failure

Failure or failure is not a cause for joy. However, if you know how to deal with it, you usually still achieve your goal. The only reason we do not tackle many tasks and challenges for which we have the skills is because we are afraid of failing or failing.

Our fear of failure paralyzes and prevents us from realizing our potential. You would probably be surprised at what you can do if you were more confident and less afraid of failure and defeat.

Think about what you could actually achieve if you weren't afraid of failure. What successes could you celebrate, what peaks could you climb, what outstanding achievements could be achieved, how much fun and satisfaction could you have if you weren't afraid of failure?

If the fear of failure prevents you from trying something, then you will have failed before you even begin.

Henry Ford put it this way:

There are more people who surrender than those who fail.

Viewing something as a failure, failure, defeat, or failure is a matter of opinion.

This means that you can change your attitude towards failure and see it from a different perspective. If you see failure as merely a necessary part of learning, living, and growing, you will begin to see what you are doing - or could do - differently.

The choices we face, each of which represents a potential success or failure, often concern everyday matters.

At a party, a man sees a woman he likes and wonders whether to speak to her. An employee is offered a new position, but is unsure whether he can meet the expectations of the boss.

Should we use the possibility of eventual success or not? What can we do when we are afraid of failure or flashing off? Because of this fear, we may not tackle the challenge.

We are often unaware of the fear of failure, i.e. we are not even aware that we have it. We look for all kinds of excuses why we can't do something.

We convince ourselves that we probably won't get the job anyway, that we are not up to the task, or that we have two left hands or are untalented. We find reasons that prove in our eyes that our plans have no prospect of success and thus avoid coming into contact with the fear of failure!

There is no successful person who has not failed several times on the way to success.

But the real reason that keeps us from doing something is our fear of failure. The fear of failure and of failure inhibits and paralyzes.

Michael Jordan, arguably the most successful and best basketball player of all time, is said to have made over 9,000 false throws, lost 300 games and screwed up 26 decisive balls in the course of his career.

Winston Churchill once expressed the ability of successful people to deal with failure and failure as follows:

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing one's enthusiasm.

The fear of failure also plays an important role in another area: in sex. Men who are afraid that their best piece is not doing their job have serious sexual problems. The man's best piece reacts very sensitively to fear of failure. The consequence of fear of failure is fear of loss.

The fear of failing during sex is the greatest pleasure killer and the enemy of every erection.