Why did Alcoholics Anonymous destroy my relationship?



I dated a great man for a year. He told me from the start that he drinks a little too much and that he wants to get away from it and finally lead a better life. I told him we could do this together. Then I read myself again and again in some forums and got help and instructions, so to speak. I loved him, he was a great person. Over time, I realized that it wouldn't make it. We had conversations, I told him he had to get help, but he wanted to do it alone. What did i want to do? I didn't pressurize him and I was always careful. I wanted to start a new life with him, wanted to create a new environment for him, because his friends have no alcohol problems and still they sit with him and drink with him. We were in the chopper scene. Cool people, lots of parties and as it is among such people, you help each other. But on this point, nobody from the outside helped him. But he didn't want any help either. Everyone knew what he is like and what he is doing. The alcoholic has been an alcoholic for 25 years, he can't do it. After ten months I cried many times and told him that I was scared. Then he cut himself off from me and thought about looking for another woman. So he dumped me. I thought he comes to his senses and really doesn't want this life anymore, wants to change something with a great partner by his side. His friends, everyone raved about me. I would be the right woman for him and he has told everyone how much he loves me. But the alcohol is always stronger in the end and the present partner is by his side. I was so disappointed with his behavior.
He's been with a woman for a few months now, who sits at the table with him in the evenings and drinks. This woman so often takes her frustration away because she was beaten by her partner in the previous relationship. Supposedly she doesn't care that he drinks. It is also very difficult for me to let go. He was beaten up by her partner until last week. Supposedly she doesn't care that he drinks. It is also very difficult for me to let go. Until last week he called me every three weeks, got in touch with me every three weeks drunk and wanted to hold small talk with me. I got angry and angry every time because an alcoholic is not considerate of others. He didn't give a shit about anything. We had wonderful times this year. According to him, he has never had such good times as with me. I know his story and I know that a lot is true, But I am so disappointed in him because he has only lied to me for the past few months. Now I have to let go and it's not easy.