How can I learn carpentry without tools

Apprenticeship as a carpenter

What kind of guy do I have to be to become a carpenter?

If you want to start an apprenticeship as a carpenter and become the next Meister Eder, you should be creative and careful and also be able to use hand tools well. Because in your daily work you will have to deal with saws, light hand machines, such as an angle grinder, and heavy machines. These are stationary and partly computer-controlled, so that your work is made easier. In addition to wood, you also have to deal with plastics, metals and glass, which you process and design individually - most of which takes place while standing.

The first year of apprenticeship as a carpenter usually takes place as a full-time training year at vocational schools, after which the training system is dual. But when you have finally passed your exam and have the journeyman's certificate in your hand, it doesn't have to end there! There are now many different options open to you to specialize or further educate yourself.

You should become a carpenter if ...
  1. you like to work practically.
  2. your creative streak helps you to create sketches and drafts.
  3. you enjoy being with people.
Under no circumstances should you become a carpenter if ...
  1. you only understood "train station" in math at school.
  2. Help is needed if you ever need to put up a simple shelf.
  3. you only know "loops" as a way of connecting two strings together.
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