How does the Flash Barry Allen die

After the shock: is there another twist in the "The Flash" S3 finale?

What will it look like, the "Finish Line" for Barry Allen aka The Flash (Grant Gustin) and his team? After the revelation of Savitar's identity and that of the whole The Flash Season 3 trying to change the future so that Iris doesn't die at his hands, the penultimate episode, episode 22 "Infantino Street", ended extremely depressing. You can imagine what happened, it didn't work: Iris dies.

So what's still happening in the The Flash Season 3 finale? Is Barry going back in time to try and avoid that again? By preventing Savitar from getting hold of the Philosopher's Stone that enabled him to resist the Speed ​​Force bazooka? The Pictures, the trailer and a clip for the finale Of course, don't reveal it. But they show that Barry meets his evil time relic alterego again, and Cisco and Killer Frost can also be seen together. As the clip reveals, Barry tries to influence Savitar with memories of his parents. He believes that there must still be a good share of Barry in Savitar. Does that help?

The overly spoiler images that add something to the Savitar reveal in The Flash Season 3 show, we've just attached you here, you can find the rest of the pictures as a selection of the most important ones in the gallery. The season finale episode 23 "Finish Line" is on the night from yesterday to today in the USA The CW to see.