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John Denver resume

At the31.12.1943 John Henry Deutschendorf was born in Roswell, New Mexico. The son of an officer in the US Air Force got enthusiastic about rock'n'roll and Elvis Presley. At the age of 22, he was chosen from 250 applicants as the lead singer of the Chad Mitchell Trio, went on tour for some time, worked as a songwriter and was thus able to gain his first experience in the music industry.
His musical breakthrough came in 1969 with his song "Leaving on a Jet Plane", which he had composed for the band Peter, Paul & Mary. He immediately started his solo career under the stage name Denver.
"Country Roads" - this title should hardly be unknown to anyone, because with this song alone it achieved worldwide popularity and mutated into "the" Country Boy. Country would be nothing without John Denver, and John Denver would have been nothing without country. It was simply his identity, as he was able to describe the beauty of nature with musical accompaniment with simple but flattering words and trigger an irrepressible wanderlust.
Songs like “Starwood in Aspen”, “Sunshine on my shoulder” or “Rocky Mountain High” invite you to dream in the midst of the roaring and desolate daily grind.
Denver was considered the most successful American country star from the beginning of the 60s to the end of the 70s and hit after hit followed suddenly. He released his greatest hits album in 1973, which sold over ten million times worldwide.
Denver achieved thirteen gold records and eight platinum records, a milestone for Countryworld. However, John Denver was also able to convince of his talent on television. For "Evening with John Denver" he was honored with the television Oscar Emmy and in the film "Oh God" he tried his hand at acting for the first time. Things got quieter around him in the 80s, where he was able to draw attention to himself in 1981 in a duet with Placido Domingo "Perhaps Love" and with "The Gold and Beyond", the Olympic song for the 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo, but he felt attracted more to environmental and social projects. For the victims of Chernobyl he gave in theSoviet Union a benefit concert and donated the proceeds of his song "Africa Sunrise". He also supported a large number of other projects such as Unicef, WWF, Friend of the Earth and Save The Children. However, Denver's planned flight to the MIR space station came to nothing due to a demand by the Soviet Union for ten million dollars.
In 1986 he terminated his contract with the RCA label, behind closed doors it is suspected that the defense company General Electric, the new owner of RCA, got into a conflict with Denver because of its pacifist attitudes. However, John Denver somehow ran out of air, because his albums in the 90s were no longer successful and Denver withdrew more and more because of this.
In 1997 he was killed in a plane crash. Since Denver was considered an experienced pilot, it is believed that he flew while intoxicated, as the weather that day was clear. Still others speculate that Denver may have committed suicide, as he has recently become more and more depressed. There was no sufficient evidence for any of the rumors, so the National Transportation Safety Board issued a final report on fuel shortages as the cause of the accident.
Whatever actually led to the crash may be left aside and everyone may believe in their own theory. What is certain, however, is that with John Denver's death, country music lost one of its greatest and best representatives.