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Approved projects from the announcement "Civil Security - Promotion of Young Talent through Interdisciplinary Competence Development"

The interdisciplinary composition of the funded working groups gives young scientists the opportunity to get to know the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary work at an early stage. In this way, not only scientific excellence is promoted, but also needs-based and socially accepted security solutions that can be expected to have a lasting effect on Germany as a location for innovation.

The funding measure systematically promotes the education and training of young scientists. Particular emphasis is placed on the exchange between the junior research groups and networking within the framework of the “Civil Security” graduate network.

Current research projects:

BIGAUGE: Biological Hazards: Analysis and Integrated Assessment of Risks

Funding number: 13N14354

Biological hazards, such as the occurrence of infectious diseases or the deliberate release of dangerous substances in so-called bio-terrorism, can claim many human lives. At the same time, however, they also have an impact on the infrastructures that are urgently needed to cope with crises. In order to help the responsible authorities assess biological threats, a decision support system is to be developed in the BIGAUGE project. Risks and possible consequences of current biological hazard situations can thus be extensively analyzed and evaluated. In addition, suitable preventive options for action are to be identified in order to prevent a potential biological crisis situation or to cope with it effectively.

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DiI: Jihadism on the Internet

Funding number: 13N14353

Extremist Islamist groups use a variety of formats to spread jihadist propaganda. Spectacular and youth-oriented videos can have a big impact and play an important role in radicalizing potential followers. The DiI project researches the content and design of jihadist propaganda videos on the Internet and their effect on viewers. Through the analysis, the project makes a significant contribution to education and prevention work. The aim is not only to gain significant knowledge about jihadist video messages on the Internet, but also to provide a solid basis for developing counter-strategies that can be transferred to other forms of extremism.

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KontiKat: Civil society and business continuity through socio-technical networking in disaster situations

Funding number: 13N14351

Crises and damaging events can have a significant impact on social life and economic processes. It doesn't have to be a catastrophe. The regional failure of telecommunications systems for hours or days can also have far-reaching consequences. The KontiKat project focuses on maintaining and restoring social life after major damaging events and disasters. For this purpose, empirical studies to record the social networking of the population and of small and medium-sized companies are to be carried out. The results help to promote self-organization, assistance and emergency communication in crisis situations.

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PANDA: parallel structures, forms of activity and user behavior in the darknet

Funding numbers: 13N14355 and 13N14356

The Darknet is a space that is not directly accessible from the Internet, as it cannot be found without further prior knowledge and can only be accessed using special software. As a result, the Darknet is gaining increasing relevance for extremist messages and criminal thought and trade as well as a form of communication and interaction. In this way, an environment has emerged on the Internet that has also become attractive for radicalized and criminal people thanks to the promise of anonymity and non-traceability. The aim of PANDA is to investigate and understand politically and economically motivated, illegal activities on the Darknet. A sharper picture of the Darknet is to be obtained by scientifically recording technical and organizational structures and forms of interaction. At the same time, the question is to be investigated whether and with which instruments socially harmful activities in the Darknet can be counteracted preventively.

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PluS-i: pluralization of local urban security production

Funding number: 13N14352

In cities and metropolitan areas, social and structural changes are particularly evident. Many different players are now working there to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors. In addition to the police, municipal security services, security companies and neighborhood initiatives also contribute to achieving and maintaining increased security. There are diverse local models for their interaction, the design and effectiveness of which have not yet been systematically analyzed. The PluS-i project investigates how the various forces act in urban areas and which requirements must be met. As a result, the recommendations for action for security actors and political decision-makers as well as training materials for educational institutions in the field of crime prevention are disseminated via an information platform.

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