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Trump event "very likely" complicit in corona wave in Tulsa

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Oklahoma City - It is common not to comment on individual events, said Tulsa, Oklahoma City Health Director Bruce Dart, on Wednesday. "But we've seen almost 500 new cases in the past few days, and we had several large meetings two weeks ago - so I'd say you just have to connect the dots." What Dart means by this: The election rally by US President Donald Trump, which was much criticized in advance, and the protests against it, he says, "very likely" contributed to a massive acceleration of the corona pandemic in the city.

According to a report by the AP agency, suspected cases had already existed before: A reporter from the Oklahoma Watch newspaper who was at the event had given a positive corona test, including six members of the Trump campaign and two employees of the protection department of the US President's Secret Service are now sick with Covid-19. Cases in Tulsa rose to 261 Wednesday lunchtime, a new high for 24-hour cases in the city. Tulsa has a population of 400,000. For comparison: Austria with its around nine million registered 82 cases within 24 hours from Wednesday to Thursday.

Controversial speech, empty ranks

Trump's election appearance in Tulsa had already caused massive criticism in advance. On the one hand, because the number of cases in Oklahoma had increased at the time of the announcement. On the other hand because of the date. Trump had actually planned for June 19 ("Juneteenth") for his appearance, the day on which the end of slavery is commemorated. Tulsa was felt to be a particularly unsuitable place because of the massacre of the black population living there in 1921. After protests, Trump then postponed the performance to June 20.

In the speech by the president himself, numerous ranks remained empty, which Trump greatly irritated. His election campaign even reserved a space in front of a large hall in order to create a catchment area for excess visitors, where they can watch the speech. But this did not happen. Members of the social medium Tiktok, who called for tickets to be ordered without actually using them, also want to have contributed to the low number of visitors. So actually interested people should be excluded from the opportunity to visit.

Slash money when schools don't open

The US president is still continuing his election rallies. The day before Independence Day, July 3, he gave another speech to supporters at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Most of the close-packed visitors did not wear masks - the organizers had de facto called for them to be avoided. In the small print of the conditions of participation, the Trump campaign also ruled out any legal responsibility for a possible infection.

Meanwhile, Trump discovered a new topic for himself on Thursday night. He threatened schools with the withdrawal of funds via Twitter if they did not continue classes normally in the fall - regardless of the development around the pandemic. Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden would show that "SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITHOUT PROBLEMS," he tweeted in capital letters and without going into the heated debates about the school opening in Sweden and the recent school closings in German corona areas around G├╝tersloh. His Vice President Mike Pence had previously put on record in the debate that the government did not want "recommendations from the CDC to be the reason why schools do not open". (mesc, 8 July 2020)

Update 9.55 a.m .: Debate about school openings added.

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