When did you experience real suffering?

Men's flu: why do men suffer more than women?

What is men's flu?

The male flu describes an exaggerated and hypersensitive reaction to symptoms such as coughing and runny nose on the part of men affected. The word is mostly used jokingly to draw attention to the exaggerated self-indulgence in a mild illness. The men's flu is sometimes also called a men's cold or a men's cold.

Is there a medical reason for the men's flu?

There is indeed some truth to the myth of the male flu. Men actually suffer more than women during a cold or a flu-like infection. The reason for this is the immune system. The male immune system reacts differently to pathogens than the female. The hormone estrogen prevents viruses from multiplying. In men, the level of estrogen is lower than in women, which means that virus activity is higher. Another reason is the higher testosterone levels in men. The more testosterone, the fewer antibodies there are in the body. For example, after a flu vaccination, significantly more antibodies are found in women than in men.

Women also experience pain much more regularly than men: once a month during menstruation and during childbirth for many hours. This enables them to classify pain better than men, who react in a frightened manner to pain and who are obviously suffering.

Nevertheless, a simple cold in males does not automatically mean life-threatening conditions.

Why is the immune system stronger in women?

The immune system of women acts faster and more aggressively against pathogens than that of men, since the female sex hormone estrogen stimulates the multiplication of specific defense cells. The male sex hormone testosterone, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. Men are also genetically disadvantaged. There are many genes on the X chromosome that are responsible for defense processes in the body. Women have two X chromosomes, while men have an X and a Y chromosome. According to US researchers, the duplication of the X chromosomes is the reason for the superiority of the female immune system. As a consequence, the B cells and T cells, as important components of the immune system, are more strongly activated in women. The stronger immune defense does not only have advantages, because autoimmune diseases, in which the immune system attacks the own body, are more common in women. They are more often affected by diseases such as systemic lupus, rheumatism and multiple sclerosis than men.

The female immune system is also adaptable and very flexible. Depending on the hormonal level, which fluctuates enormously during the cycle, it is sometimes more in the direction of attack or more in the direction of tolerance, especially under the influence of progesterone.

Overall, women pay more attention to their health than men. For example, you wash your hands three times as often - a good remedy for infections. In addition, many women pay attention to a healthy diet, are vaccinated more consistently and see a doctor more often than men if they are ill.

What helps with men's flu?

SOS tip for him: Call your mother!

Preventive measures:

  • Before eating, after coming home, after using the toilet: washing your hands
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Do not work out while doing sports and then drink a beer, but instead continuously incorporate exercise into everyday life
  • Flu shot

Dear women: Show understanding when your significant other is plagued by the men's flu. In this way, the sufferer feels loved and understood - the ideal prerequisite for a speedy recovery.

SOS tip for you: Set up the Playstation or give him the remote control and pour yourself a glass of red wine. Schnapps should also have an extremely beneficial effect - on both sides.