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Trump railed against the media, Democrats railed against Trump

Washington - After the submission of the report by US special investigator Robert Mueller on possible secret agreements between Donald Trump's election campaign team and the Russian leadership in 2016, the current US president sees himself completely exonerated - and he takes this as an opportunity to strike back.

On Tuesday he once again shot himself at the liberal media in the US via Twitter: "You are really the enemy of the people and the real opposition party." For two years, the "mainstream media" reported on alleged connections to Russia, although they always knew that there was no such thing.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was also critical. "How many times do the Democrats and their liberal media allies have to be embarrassingly wrong before they finally accept that Donald Trump is a great president?" She wrote on Twitter.

Brief summary

Special Counsel Mueller ended his investigation on Friday and handed his confidential report over to Attorney General William Barr. In a concise summary, Barr said Mueller had found no evidence of the Trump camp's collusion with Russian officials.

This four-page document is not enough for the Democrats in the US Congress. They request the full report to be submitted by next Tuesday. Six committee chairs in the House of Representatives wrote to Barr asking for the report to be forwarded to Congress by April 2nd. You criticize that the four-page summary is not sufficient for the Congress to be able to fulfill its task. Barr's determination that Trump did not obstruct the judiciary "just raises more questions." The Democrats had previously asked Barr to answer questions from the judiciary committee.

Trump himself acted self-confident as usual and said it was up to the Justice Minister whether or not to publish Mueller's report. "I wouldn't mind at all."

Obamacare in sight

Trump's government again demonstratively targeted the US health care system Obamacare, which was named after its predecessor. The Justice Department announced on Monday evening (local time) that it would now fully support the verdict of the Texan judge Reed O'Connor, who had declared Obama's concept as a whole to be unconstitutional. The ministry had previously taken the more nuanced stance that although Obamacare did not support the protection for people with previous illnesses, it wanted to keep other parts of the reform.

Trump was also able to record at least a partial success in terms of building the wall on the border with Mexico: The US Department of Defense did not release the $ 8.6 billion he had requested, but it did release one billion dollars (884 million euros). The money is to be used to build a 91-kilometer section of wall in the El Paso region in the state of Texas. (red, March 26, 2019)