Which countries are currently ruled by dictatorships?

In which countries is there still dictatorship today?

In many countries around the world there are still dictators who subjugate an entire country. It is not uncommon for people to be tortured and treated in a degrading way. They are subservient to their dictator because they are too afraid to turn against him.

In around 20 countries around the world, dictatorial conditions still prevail today, even if they may be officially disguised as a monarchy or some other form of government.

One of the worst dictators in the world is Kim Yong Un, who as ruler in North Korea intervenes more and more in the political power of the world and is also seen as the potential founder of a war. He wants to make North Korea autonomous, but the people of his country can only survive through donations from other countries.

(Update 2018: In the meantime there are new approaches between South and North Korea and Donald Trump also met with the North Korean dictator who decided to disarm the North Korean nuclear program.)

Most Persian & Arab countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia can easily be classified as dictatorships.

Other blatant examples of dictatorships

Swaziland: The way people treat people here borders on conditions that are criticized around the world. Polygamy is a matter of course and the reputation of women is anything but high. While the citizens live in high poverty, the dictator can draw on the full.

Rwanda: The ruling dictator even started a civil war so that the country could live autonomously again.

Turkmenistan: Because of the abundance of natural resources, citizens also have a good life, but do not notice that they are being excluded from other communities. Oppositions are not welcomed and are immediately suppressed. Human rights, but also the exercise of the freedom of the press, do not exist in Turkmenistan.

Belarus: Lukashenko managed to come to power with only a few insurgents and quickly changed the law in his favor so that he can no longer be taken out of the government. Elections are rigged and he uses hard means against demonstrations.

Zimbabwe: Because of Mugabe people are no longer allowed to do anything. No trade with other countries. No departure and no participation in international associations. Relationship and the highly corrupt behavior of the government have managed to carry out the dictatorship to this day and, above all, thousands were murdered because the president did not leave his place and did not want to tolerate the resistance.