Why do women give back the ring

This is how you can find out the ring size of your partner

For many women and men, an engagement ring is part of the perfect marriage proposal. Numerous films have taught us that when the proposal is perfect, the man kneels in front of the woman and puts the ring on her finger when she says “yes”, suffocated with tears of joy. And then it always fits perfectly in the films. But how do you get that done in real life?

Of course, most jewelers offer a modification service so that you can still have the ring perfectly adapted for the finger of your future lover even after the purchase - and the application. But as a man driven by ambition, you would of course prefer to get it right the first time.

The quickest way to find out the ring size of your partner is of course if you ask her. But then the surprise would be broken. So you have to get a little inventive.

You should first observe the following basic rules:

• Better too wide than too tight.While it's easier to make a ring tighter than it is to widen it, that's not the main reason why you should get it too big rather than too small. Because when you apply, you also want to put the ring on the chosen one. If you fail because of your ankles, it can be pretty disappointing for both of you. In addition, the hands change. Depending on the time of day or the outside temperature, the fingers are thinner or thicker.

It's easier to customize a plain ring as one that is set all around with small stones. The more diamonds are processed in the ring, the better you should be careful to match the size as well as possible right from the start.

"The wider the ring, the tighter the fit"says jewelry expert Emily Duke. She recommends adding a quarter or half size if you want a wide ring.

To do this, you first have to know the ring size of your loved one. To find out in secret, you can try the following tricks:

1. Take, sketch or try on one of your rings

If your partner wears rings regularly and takes them off every now and then, you can try the following options:

Take one of her rings to the jeweler. But you should pay attention to which finger she normally wears this ring on. The engagement ring belongs on the left ring finger. Unfortunately, if she doesn't wear a ring there, the chances are slim that it will fit straight away. The jeweler can still read something about the size of your hands from the old ring. Of course, this tip only works if she doesn't wear her rings every day and has so much choice that she doesn't notice that one has disappeared for a few hours.

• Sketch one of her rings. You only have a short time while she is in the shower? Then get a pencil and paper and trace the outline of the ring. You can then have this outline measured online on Brillant Earth, The Knot or Zales.

Try on one of their rings yourself. Use a pen and mark where it is on your finger. Or take a photo and take it to the jeweler.

• Press one of her rings into a bar of soap. It sounds a bit crazy, but this way you can easily make an impression of your ring, which you can then take with you to the jeweler. Make sure, however, that you have removed all the soap residue before you put the ring back in your jewelry box.

2. Ask one of her friends

Jessica Anand, one of Brilliant Earth's jewelry experts, suggests simply asking one of her friends:

“A great way to get your ring size is to just ask a friend. Sometimes best friends know that! And if the friend doesn't know, she can ask about it for you inconspicuously. "

“Or even better: ask your friend to go looking for engagement rings with your partner just for fun. When the ring size of your future partner is professionally measured, the friend only has to report back to you. "

3. Let her try on a friend's ring

You can also find out her ring size by letting her try on a friend's ring, Anand says:

“If a friend of your partner is already engaged, ask her if your loved one can try the ring on. That gives you at least a rough range for your ring size. "

“You can also take the opportunity to ask how she thinks about this ring. So you know her taste and can look for the engagement ring she wants for herself. "

4. Measure her finger while she sleeps

When your partner is deeply asleep, you can wrap a piece of thread or a thin strip of paper around her finger and use a pen to mark where it intersects. This tip is from Wikihow. "Today" recommends that you never use a tape measure as it is too thick and could therefore lead to an inaccurate result. You can then convert your measurement result online into ring sizes again, or you can take it to the jeweler. Be careful with this method, not to measure too tightly and, above all, not to wake up your partner - otherwise you will have to be prepared for a few questions.

5. Compare your fingers to hers

At first glance, this method doesn't seem so accurate, but it worked for our colleague Dave Smith. If you know how your friend's hand looks compared to yours (is her ring finger the size of your little finger?) Then you could make a pretty good size guess when buying the ring. If you don't want to rely on your memory, then just take a romantic photo in which your clasped hands can be seen in close-up. But make sure that it is the right hand.

6. Pretend you're buying a ring for someone else

Admittedly, the only way this trick will not be discovered is if you also get jewelry as gifts for other family members. But if you try it out, then look for a cheap ring with your girlfriend that you want to give to your sister or someone else who supposedly has very similar hands. Let your partner try on the ring so that you also know whether it fits the recipient, and you have a piece of jewelery in the right size that you can take to the jeweler without missing it.

But if you think that none of these tricks will help you, then trust Brilliant Earth: According to the ring experts, the average ring size of a woman is between 6 and 6.5.