Inevitably gets hurt

Accident during club sport - this is how children are properly protected

The summer break is coming to an end, training in the sports clubs is gradually picking up speed again - and parents are hoping for a successful, but above all injury-free season for their young whirlwinds. According to the German Olympic Sports Confederation, around 81 percent of boys and 61 percent of girls between the ages of seven and fourteen play football in football clubs or are otherwise active in sports clubs. The bad news is that every ninth accident report that insurance companies receive relates to a sports accident.

Football stands out here in particular: one in four training accidents occurs while kicking. But other sports in which children run, jump, dance, hit, throw, shoot or fight also involve the risk of injury. The experts at Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) advise parents to check their children's club insurance policy and also recommend private accident insurance.

Are you well protected as a club member?

Whether young or old, all club members benefit from what is known as group accident insurance in the event of an accident. The state sports association concludes this "sports insurance" for all member clubs. The insurance package often includes an accident policy and liability insurance, ”explain the insurance professionals at DVAG. So if, for example, a footballer fouls an opponent during a match, the insurance protects against claims for damages. Sometimes even legal protection, health and luggage insurance are included in the scope of services. All training units and competitions, but also direct trips there and back, are covered. However, it does not include training units that members organize on their own and about which neither the club nor the trainer know anything.

Why private accident insurance?

The sports insurance of the clubs is only intended as a basic provision. Many risks are excluded from the start. In addition, the sums insured are usually comparatively low and cannot be increased with extra premiums. Therefore, caution is advised if an injury is particularly severe, is dragged on or does not heal properly. The damage suffered can represent a financial risk, especially if the consequences of an accident are permanent, such as disability. The following applies: The more serious the lasting health consequences of an accident, the more expensive the later expenses are usually. “That is why it is particularly useful for children to take out private accident insurance. This applies to all private accidents - not only in the sports club, but also when the children are playing with friends on the football field, ”said the DVAG experts.

Does the statutory accident insurance not apply?

No, if you rely on the statutory accident insurance, be warned: Although this will cover care and rehab costs, but only in the case of accidents that happen at school and on the respective trips there and back. In your free time, i.e. also in club sports, it does not work.