How does Singapore get on the Internet

Internet and phone calls in Singapore

German vacationers can come to tears when they experience the Internet in Singapore: While Germany is advertised with speeds of 100 Mbit / s, Singapore has the first Internet connections with 1 Gbit / s - that's 1,000 Mbit / s. s - made available (which again is nothing compared to Japan, where there are already 2 Gbit / s connections).

Visitors with their laptop or tablet do not enjoy this Internet speed - but there is free public WLAN almost everywhere in the country. There is only one catch: a Singapore phone number is required for registration, to which the password is sent via SMS. Just take the hotel number, so it doesn't work.

Calling in Singapore

Since most tourists no longer travel without a smartphone anyway, a prepaid card for Singapore visitors is probably the first thing they need. You can get SIM cards for just a few Singapore dollars in every Seven-Eleven. However, the purchase is registered, i.e. buyers must present their passport when purchasing.

The three big telecommunications companies in Singapore are SingTel, StarHub and M1, whose offerings don't take a lot. M1 offers a card for S $ 18 that is valid for five days and enables downloads of up to 7.2 Mbit / s. SingTel relies on its popular “hi!” Cards, which are available for as little as eight dollars and which can be used for making calls, texting and surfing the Internet.

With the eight-dollar SIM card, you can also use the Singapore telephone number to make a call, which you can use to register with Wireless @ SG, the free WLAN. Alternatively, you can of course also buy a “data bundle”, for example 3 days with 6GB for 15 S $ or 7 days with 14GB for 25 S $.

It goes without saying in the technically advanced Singapore that there are also nano / micro SIM cards for tablets in addition to SIM. So all in all, making phone calls is also made easy here.

Free WiFi or internet for tourists

If you only want to go online with your mobile phone or laptop now and then, you can save yourself the hassle and, for example, make sure that the hotel offers free WiFi in the rooms when booking the hotel. In addition, the usual suspects such as Starbucks and McDonalds offer free WiFi and thus free internet, as well as most shopping malls and of course Changi Airport.

Finally, a note: Of course, calling with SIM cards from SingTel or M1 only works if the smartphone can use the corresponding frequencies (GSM 900 and 1800, as luckily most European smartphones) and if the smartphone does not yet have a SIM -Lock is blocked.