Can I have fruit for breakfast on my own?

What lean people eat for breakfast

How important is breakfast? And what do you ideally eat? The preferences for the morning meal are drifting far apart. Some people don't eat breakfast at all because they don't have the time - or don't take the time. Others feast on bread and jam or prepare healthy oatmeal with fruit. Researchers at Cornell University in New York, USA, were interested in what slim people eat in the morning.

They asked 147 people of normal weight what their breakfast typically looks like: fruits, dairy products, cereal flakes, bread, eggs and coffee were the most common foods. Only four percent of the study participants did not eat anything in the morning. Anna-Leena Vuorinen and her colleagues concluded that, on the one hand, slim people eat breakfast at all. Second, "eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables," says Vuorinen. In order to maintain your weight, it obviously makes sense to eat something healthy in the morning.

Refill energy storage

Isabelle Keller, nutritionist at the German Nutrition Society (DGE), says: "From a nutritional point of view, breakfast makes perfect sense." At night the carbohydrate stores are emptied. If you eat something in the morning, you replenish the memory and start the day strengthened. For example, anyone who prepares muesli at home also decides what goes in. At the bakery, on the other hand, you tend to buy high-calorie snacks such as a croissant or a cheese stick.

However, the calorie content of a food is not the only decisive factor, says nutrition expert Keller. A croissant contains around 200 kilocalories. With 180 kilocalories, a serving of oatmeal (50 grams) doesn't do much better either.

Restraint with ready-made mueslis

While a croissant provides particularly fat and easily digestible carbohydrates, the grain contains plenty of fiber as well as numerous minerals and vitamins. "This makes oatmeal a valuable and healthy food," explains Keller. The expert advises using whole-grain oatmeal or other whole-grain cereals or mixing in fruit and eating it with low-fat milk or lean yogurt. That saturates for a long time. Beware of ready-made mueslis: they are often full of sugar.

Those who prefer to eat bread in the morning should choose whole grain bread. The spread can be sweet or savory, both are allowed. "However, if you eat the sweet option in the morning, for example bread and jam, you shouldn't eat so much sweet things for the rest of the day," recommends nutritionist Keller. A tip for the spicy topping: A slice of boiled ham or turkey breast is significantly lower in fat than salami or sausage. Grainy cream cheese and herb quark are lighter than Gouda or full-fat camembert.