Many Hollywood stars speak Mandarin

11 Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages ​​- Some May Surprise You!

Speaking another language can open the door to a new world. We already know famous actors who learned English to gain a foothold in Hollywood, but many celebrities continue to surprise us with their impressive language skills. Here is a list of celebrities who can speak multiple languages:

Mark Zuckerberg can speak Chinese


Last year, Mark Zuckerberg surprised and delighted audiences at a university in Shanghai by speaking in Mandarin and answering questions. This year he and his wife wished a Happy Lunar New Year in this language.


Gwyneth Paltrow is fluent in Spanish


Gwyneth fell in love with the Spanish language and culture when she traveled to Spain as a teenager and has been speaking the language ever since.


Ben Affleck speaks Spanish


As a teenager, Ben Affleck lived in Mexico for a year with his brother Casey. Since then he has been able to use his language skills well, especially when filming in Spanish-speaking locations.


Shakira speaks Portuguese, English and Italian


In addition to her native Spanish, Shakira can speak three languages. She learned Portuguese after touring Brazil early in her career and perfected her English skills when she had an American boyfriend. She learned Italian just for fun, but enjoys practicing whenever she can visit Italy.


Bradley Cooper speaks French almost fluently


Bradley Cooper was inspired by an actor who speaks French on "Chariots of Fire". He studied in France for six months while living with a French family and has maintained his language skills ever since.


Colin Firth speaks Italian


When Colin Firth met his wife, Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli, he decided to learn Italian as a romantic gesture.


Diane Kruger is fluent in English and French


In addition to her mother tongue German, Diane Kruger speaks fluent English and French. She learned English by studying in the UK through student exchange programs and began speaking French when she moved to Paris at the age of 15.


Will Smith speaks Spanish


Will Smith has been giving Spanish-language interviews since 2000 and has been recognized for his Spanish-language role in Seven Pounds.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks French

The actor studied French poetry at the University of Colombia and occasionally gives interviews in French.


Tom Hiddleston speaks French, Spanish and Greek


The Avengers actor is a fan of language learning and frequently gives interviews in Spanish, French, and Greek.


Natalie Portman is fluent in Hebrew and Spanish, German, French and Japanese


Born in Jerusalem, the actress grew up in Hebrew and English, but also speaks Spanish, French, Japanese, German and Spanish at various levels.