When do friends become family?

Survey shows: THAT is important when we introduce our new partner

There is always step 2 in a new relationship when you are slowly becoming certain that something can come of the whole thing. That means: You let the "newbie" into your life - apart from dates, pure amour and wild togetherness - and introduce him to his environment.

That is the moment when the chosen one is presented to the jury - consisting of mom, dad, friends and acquaintances. "May I introduce: This is HE!" And it is well known that this expert jury does not hold back for long with its verdict. Thumbs up, thumbs down - everything is possible, the top notes are almost always open and straightforward.

When is the right moment?

Introducing new relatives and friends is a moment that many have respect for. Because what if mom and best friend just think the new one is terrible? Would your negative judgment unsettle us? And precisely for this reason, the time for the Meet & Greet with your own environment should not be rushed.

It is important that you have realized for yourself beforehand: Yes, that feels good and that may be something longer. You really don't have to drag every little love affair with mom and dad. It always makes sense to get clear about your own feelings before everyone talked, persuaded, badmouthed your partner or whatever. Because that's what friends do - and so do parents.

After the first date it would certainly be a bit early. This could put one or the other candidate on the run because they may think they have to marry you before they can see you a second time. Waiting two years, like I did with my first friend, is a bit too late, however.

A current study by Parship, for which 1000 users were asked, also looked into the question of the right time. And lo and behold: According to the survey, almost a third (31%) of those questioned initially said nothing to anyone in the family about their new relationship. And: Above all, we women like to take a little more time than men before we let the newcomer into our sanctum - our private life, including family and friends.

Survey shows: THAT is crucial for the first meeting

The reasons why one then at some point opts for an "interview" with friends and family are very different. Here are the results of the Parship survey on the question: When is the right time to introduce the new partner to the family?

  • When you have decided that you are in a committed relationship (men 36%, women 33%).
  • If the relationship has been stable for a long time and has future prospects (men 30%, women 36%).
  • If it is due to a family celebration or another occasion such as a birthday (men 13%, women 17%).
  • When my partner asks me (men 8%, women 3%).
  • When the family asks to get to know each other (men 5%, women 3%).
  • After the first dates, even if you are not officially a couple (men 3%, women 3%).
  • I do not introduce my partner to my family (men 5%, women 5%).

Whose opinion is really important to us?

When it comes to whose judgment affects us the most, parents and best friends go head-to-head - at least that's what the survey found. Whereby the friends are a little way ahead. Your top or flop is a little more important to us than mom's concerns and dad's critical eye. Especially with women, the best friend has a say - at least that's what 74 percent of the women surveyed said.

Whose judgment about the new partner counts in particular? Here is a detailed overview:

  • Best friend (men 61%, women 74%)
  • Parents (men 61%, women 71%)
  • Close circle of friends (men 50%, women 63%)
  • Grandparents (men 35%, women 46%)
  • Other relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles (men 23%, women 26%)
  • Acquaintances (men 19%, women 17%)
  • Work colleagues (men 12%, women 8%)

It's all a question of heart and mind:

Survey or not: Ultimately, everyone has to know for themselves when the right time is. Some new partners are also more shy than the other, or we ourselves are still unsure and want to wait until the togetherness has solidified and we are more experienced in dealing with each other.

The perfect mix of delicacy and gut feeling is what is needed. Not to introduce him at all would be strange, however. After all, should the people who are important to you get to know each other and ideally like each other? And if nobody gets to see the new partner, the question arises: What exactly do you want to hide from whom? Your own insecurity?

One should not be afraid of the judgment of others. When you love someone, the disapproval of friends shouldn't get you off your feet. Not everyone has to like everyone. But with reservations: if your best friend honestly doesn't have a good feeling, then she certainly has her reasons. After all, she has known you for a long time and pretty well. So take note of their concerns and think about them.

And even if it just doesn't fit in human terms between your BFF and your newcomer: You will also wuppen that together. Remember: men come and go in life. Ideally, your best friend stays.

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