The Duchess of Sussex lives in NY

"I knew something was wrong" : Meghan suffered a miscarriage - now she is expressing herself for the first time

In an emotional contribution for the US newspaper "New York Times" Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex explains how she dealt with a miscarriage in July of that year.

The Duchess, who now lives in the USA, describes the moment on a "normal July morning" as follows: She changed her firstborn child's diaper and shortly afterwards felt a strong cramp in her stomach. At that moment she knew that something was wrong.

She sank to the floor with her baby in her arms and hummed a tune to calm herself and the child.

Hours later in the hospital with Prince Harry, her husband, she wondered how they would deal with the loss as a couple. The couple had their first child, Archie, in May 2019.

A central moment in dealing with the loss of the unborn child was the question asked by a journalist on a trip to South Africa. Meghan describes herself as "completely exhausted" at this moment.

"Are you feeling ok?"

The journalist asked you: "Are you feeling ok?" She then thanked the journalist for asking, not many people would ask how she was doing.

That is also the most important question for you and the beginning of dealing with serious personal losses: "Are we ok?"

Meghan explains below that she also wants to ask this question to America, the country in which she lives, and to the Americans. In a surprising rotation of the contribution, she found that the country was divided and that it had suffered badly in the corona pandemic. Many people are more lonely than before and have to deal with their suffering on their own.

But when people could share their suffering and what they experienced, the healing process would begin. In times of the pandemic, this is more important than ever. (Tsp)

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