Why are patents important for innovation


Intellectual property must be effectively protected - nationally and, above all, internationally. This is a central and existential topic for our future and technology-oriented economy; only then will your innovations have the opportunity to establish and assert themselves in the market.

A globalized world economy cannot function without effective protection of intellectual property. The positive approaches to improving the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights at international level must therefore be continued and further developed.

The mechanisms for protecting intellectual property need to be balanced. The necessary balance must be maintained between stimulating innovation activities on the one hand and social participation in technological progress on the other. In this context, antitrust and competition law issues must also be taken into account.

EU patent

Above all, our companies will soon be able to benefit from the simple and inexpensive EU patent. With the completion of the legislative process for EU patents at the European level, an important course has been set. The task now is to ratify the European agreements as quickly as possible and thus convert them into national law. Further information on the unitary patent can be found here.


Under the umbrella brand WIPANO - knowledge and technology transfer through patents and standards - we combine different funding approaches for patenting and exploiting inventions, as well as for funding innovative (research) projects for standardization. With patent funding, we want to make science, business and the general public aware of the great importance of patents and property rights. As part of the program, we support universities and non-university research institutions in developing concepts for dealing with their intellectual property and in protecting and exploiting it under intellectual property law, with the involvement of qualified external service providers. We support our small and medium-sized companies financially in securing and exploiting their innovative ideas and inventions under property law, in order to make it easier for them to get started with the subject of "property rights".
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