What do you love most about life

What do you love about life

One simple question: what do you love about life? Is that a strange question for you? A superfluous question? A stupid question? You're right, this question is probably superfluous because ... hm, why?

Damien Hirst said on this question:"I love everything about it."

His emphasis is on "EVERYTHING", light and shadow, luck and bad luck, day and night, summer and winter, health and illness. Stop, isn't he exaggerating a little, how can he love illness?

How can he not love sickness, how can he only love health? There is no health without disease

Or to put it another way, do you love the air around you? You haven't thought about it yet? Because air is "always there" for you and you no longer even notice it? Spend a week in Beijing and you will love the air in Germany.

Man creates his duality of being. It creates a balance that aligns every human being and all of humanity again and again. Every movement creates its countermovement, every state promotes the opposite of it. If you are healthy, you may overdo it and you will get sick. If you are sick, you will take more care of yourself and you will get well again.

Loving everything has a lot to do with being mindful of the moment. It has to do with a smile that is part of you every moment. A smile as a thank you for being.

Of course you can only love the 'good', the 'positive', the happiness, only love one or two people, only the summer, only the health.

In this case a little hint from Hans Kruppa:

┬╗Tell the people
that you like and love
better three times too much
than once too little
that they mean a lot to you
and that your life
would be poorer without them. "

Hans Kruppa

However, if you love EVERYTHING, others will notice smiles on you. Your love will be felt even without words.