Should you get married or live alone

If he has THESE traits, you should marry him

Is your loved one also one of the absolute hits? If you nod knowingly at the following points, then for sure.

1. He is observant

He brings you croissants from the bakery without asking and knows that you prefer to drink your coffee with three pieces of sugar? No matter what it is, he pays attention when it comes to you. And he remembers everything that makes you happy. Giving you a little joy makes him happy as well.

2. He reports on the way

If he is out on his own in the evening and wants to come to you later, he will register while on the road. "Drive off now and I'll be with you in a moment." A nice gesture that shows that he doesn't just have your time because of: "Wait for me all evening, baby!"

3. He protects you

He cares about your safety, makes sure nothing happens to you and defends you in an emergency. And all of this as a matter of course and in a relaxed manner - without restricting you or making you regulations.

4. He's calling - just like that

Because he wants to hear your voice. Because he was just about to tell you something. Because he just missed you briefly. Because he wants to hear your laugh. Real love is sometimes expressed in the smallest of things.

5. He takes time for you

You don't get past his appointments and errands at some point. You are undisputedly at the top of his list. Which doesn't mean you're constantly stuck together. But he's always there in an emergency.

6. He always answers your messages or calls

Because he would find it rude to ignore you and because he is happy when you get in touch with him.

7. He gives with love instead of credit cards

Chocolates, perfume and underwear? Unimaginative is always possible. But somehow his gifts are always personal, loving and special. And that doesn't mean he's spending huge sums of money. But on the contrary. The small, homemade things are the best.

8. He's still in touch with his old school buddies

He is attached to people and friendships and cultivates them. And that just speaks for him.

9. He treats his fellow human beings in a respectful and friendly manner

The old neighbor, the barman, the waitress, the garbage man or the postman - he is always nice to the people around him. Simply because it is completely normal for him to treat people with respect.

10. He is independent

He doesn't whine and scold a lot, but tackles things and changes something. A man who actively shapes his life.

11. Somehow he always makes you laugh

Your humor is just on the same wavelength. And that's worth a lot in a relationship.

12. He knows how to deal with you when you're totally grumpy

When you rage and angry, he stays calm. He knows how to behave in the moment to take the wind out of your sails. Anyone who gets along in a crisis situation can be there for each other in good times and bad.

13. He accepts and likes your hobbies, your friends, your independence

He doesn't complain when you don't have time for him, because he likes and values ​​your independence. You have your own life besides the relationship - and he would never doubt or put that down.

14. He's your biggest fan

Points 1 to 13 of this list show that this is the case. So: just hold on to him, your dream guy!

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