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bail someone out

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bailing someone out (German) [edit]

Idiom [edit]

Word separation:

everybody can bail out


IPA: [ˈjeːmandm̩ aʊ̯s deːɐ̯ ˈpat͡ʃə ˈhɛlfn̩]
Audio samples: bail someone out (Info)


[1] to help someone out of a predicament, an emergency; cleverly end someone's uncomfortable position

Sense releated words:

[1] playing the fire brigade, filling the gaps, saving the situation for someone, jumping in for someone, jumping into the breach, throwing yourself in the breach, helping someone out of a fix, saving someone's ass, getting someone out of the line of fire, cramming someone out, tear someone out

Opposite words:

[1] Just make it worse, let someone down, let someone down, leave someone alone with something, be unavailable, do nothing, remain inactive


[1] I've seen you many times bailed outIf you got broken down with your car, you can do something for me now.
[1] I have my boss bailed outbecause I made myself available when there was a staff shortage.
[1] I'm sorry, but I can't see you today to help somebody out of a bad situationEven if three colleagues are sick today: You have to look for someone else.
[1] 'Why is Gundula not there?' - Oh dear, that was probably the wrong question, there was an icy silence immediately. Luckily helped Robert me out of trouble and without further ado declared the buffet open.
[1] "Listen, if you are my old woman this time bail out, you have something good with me when I'm out again. "[1]

Translations [edit]

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