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How it works

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For a live-time vacation, please contact our local sales office. Membership for the Four Seasons Country Club can be obtained by purchasing a villa / townhouse or apartment for either a week or several weeks. The purchase of this membership is limited to a specific villa or apartment unit (s) and week (s). However, ownership results in membership for 52 weeks a year for our Country Club.

Four Seasons Country Club offers you a choice of one and two bedroom apartments or two bedroom villas (townhouses). The interiors are generously laid out, decorated and furnished to the highest standard. The selection in the Country Club can be small in the most popular months, but our sales office offers members or potential buyers the opportunity to get on our waiting list. You will of course be informed if your request is successful.

Prices for buying weeks vary through the year. Membership is permanent, but it can be sold or inherited. Ownership of one or more weeks can be rented out or exchanged with other vacation spots worldwide as long as you are a member of Interval International, which is an exchange company. (Fees are charged for this).

Four Seasons Country Club is a limited company registered in the Isle of Man. The owners of this society are members of the country club. The board, which is elected by the election of the members, is responsible for the management of the country club, the day-to-day management is under the general director of the country club. The commitment and striving to continuously improve the country club and facilities has made this center a popular destination for our members and guests.

The sales office is right next to the mini market.

How do I become a member?

Membership for the Four Seasons Country Club can be obtained by purchasing a villa / townhouse or apartment for either a week or several weeks. There is no other way to become a member.

What are the member perks.

· Country club membership is for 52 weeks annually. · Member discount for rental. · Winter weeks from 44 to 12 receive a 100 Euro voucher that you can use in the bar or restaurant. · Sliding scale winter discount is based on the number of weeks of ownership. The winter weeks between weeks 44 and 9 are used for this purpose. One or two week owners / owners pay the full membership fee. Owners of three or more weeks, but no more than five, receive a sliding scale discount based on the number of weeks the owner owns and are as follows: - 15% for members who own 3 weeks - 20% for members who have 4 weeks own- 25% for members who own 5 or more weeks. · The purchase of a specific villa / apartment and week gives you the right to use it for future vacations. · Special tariffs and offers at Quinta do Lago North and South with reduced prices for buggies, trolleys and electric trolleys. · Discounted prices at all Algarve golf courses. · Many events take place during the year, such as: wine tasting, dinner with matching wines, musical entertainment evenings and much more. · Discounted sports facilities. · Inexpensive restaurant and bar · Special prices with VDL car rental, VDL bike rental and limousine transport

We can choose our day of arrival ourselves.

No, certain villas / apartments have certain days of arrival - for units 1 - 28 the arrival day is always on Saturday - for units 29 - 62 the arrival day is always on Sunday - for units 63 - 96 the arrival day is always on Thursday.

Are there any legal costs?

No, there are no legal costs. However, there is a flat rate of £ 50 or € 60 if the register needs to be changed.

How many names can the week be registered in?

For the one-bedroom unit up to four names are allowed as long as they are from the same family - For the two-bedroom unit up to six names are allowed, but can consist of two different families in total - All owners / members must be over 18 Be years old.

Are owners allowed to bring / invite guests to the Country Club?

The owner can invite up to 4 guests at the same time. However, this applies per membership and not to the number of members / owners. If you bring guests to the country club, the owner / member must always stay together with their guests.

Can membership be canceled?

Membership can be canceled if the week is sold or if the membership is overwritten as long as there are no outstanding amounts from the club. Any change to membership of the week requires the completion of a Form of Nomination available from the Country Club.

Is there a commission payable on sale?

If you sell through the club, a fixed rate of 15% will be charged unless the following occurs: a) Sale price is greater than £ 10,000 - the first £ 10,000 us at 15% and the rest (over £ 10,000) at 7 , 5% b) Selling is determined by repurchasing a new unit at the same time, the commission on the sale is 10% c) Selling your unit and buying a new unit at the same time and the purchase price is higher than £ 25,000, the commission is 10% for the first £ 25,000 (sterling) and 5% for anything over £ 25,000.

Can family members be changed or added?

Changes to membership can be made and the cost of this is for the change in the register. However, the rule still applies to the number of members per residential unit, e.g. per one-bedroom up to 4 members of the same family and for the two-bedroom up to 6 members from two different families.

What happens if the membership fee is not paid?

If you fail to pay your membership fee, your membership will be suspended (Policy 7). Membership will be canceled after two years of non-payment (Policy 8). If your membership is canceled, it is assumed that you have canceled your membership and have no further rights for your accommodation unit (s) and week (s).

How often are the villas / apartments cleaned?

There is a daily room service, but not on the Portuguese public holidays. However, should two of these public holidays coincide in the same week, the unit will be cleaned on one of these days.