Who is the best physical therapist in Mumbai

Dr Arvind Jaga

Dr Arvind Jaga (P.T.) Physiotherapy Clinic Spine & Sports Injury Center is located in Jaipur. It's one of the most reputed clinic in the city. Dr. Arvind Jaga is redefining the Spine and Joint Physiotherapy in India.

Dr Arvind Jaga BPT, Consultant Physiotherapist, MRAP, Certified NDS practitioner (Mumbai) & Certified Stroke Therapist. Pain Relief & Paralysis Center opened under the ownership of Dr. Arvind Kumar Jaga is a certified NDS Practitioner from Mumbai with special interest in spine and stroke therapy and has specialization in Neurological Rehabilitation. He is having enrichment of experience in institute of Pain & Paralysis Rehabilitation Center, Jaipur and more than three year experience in Apex Hospital, Jaipur as Senior Physiotherapist.

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The Spine & Sports Injury Center of Dr. Arvind Jaga (P.T.) is located in Jaipur. It is one of the most prestigious clinics in the city. Dr. Arvind Jaga is redefining spine and joint physiotherapy in India.

Dr. Arvind Jaga BPT, Consulting Physiotherapist, MRAP, Certified NDS Doctor (Mumbai) and Certified Stroke Therapist. The under the direction of Dr. Arvind Kumar Jaga Pain Relief and Paralysis Center is a certified NDS doctor from Mumbai with a particular interest in spine and stroke therapy and specialization in neurological rehabilitation. He has extensive experience at the Institute for Pain and Paralysis Rehabilitation Center in Jaipur and over three years of experience at the Apex Hospital in Jaipur as a senior physiotherapist.

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