Who repairs an airplane

of aircraft

Airplane manufacturers have developed various upgrades for existing models over the years. Partly to implement new functions, to expand the range of functions or to meet changed legal requirements. AIR LLOYD Aerotechnics  brings your machine up to date with these upgrades. In order to keep the downtime as short as possible, it is advisable to carry out this work as part of the major inspections.

The major inspection for your aircraft

At all of our locations we have experienced specialiststhat can always reliably carry out even larger projects such as an overhaul of your aircraft. Be with the great inspection all aircraft made airworthy again and transferred back to flight operations. You can rely on our vast experience - "does not work, does not exist".

Avionics, airworks, engines (including piston engines), software

We have experienced specialists for every area Partial or complete overhaul of aircraft, turbine and piston engines, transmissions and components on your aircraft. Your personal contact will accompany you through the entire project through to the final Airworthiness assessment.

    • Overhaul, general overhaul of engines and individual components
    • Overhaul of hydraulic and servo systems
    • Spindle bearing
    • Main transmission
    • Freewheel, swashplate
    • Wheel Change
    • Turbine change (nozzle change)
    • Modification / conversion
    • NDT control / non-destructive material testing
    • Modernization / update