Are landscape architects in demand

Landscape architecture - designing the environment

We encounter works of landscape architecture as soon as we leave the house: Gardens, parks, town squares and promenades are designed by landscape architects, as are children's playgrounds, sports facilities, cemeteries and private gardens. Landscape architects need to be creative, deal with ecological issues and know plants and materials. Your goal is to ensure a high quality of life. In the city and in the country.

Between creativity and science

Landscape architects are also needed in nature conservation, especially in landscape planning. This deals with both the open landscape and the built-up area. During their studies, the prospective landscape architects learn, among other things, to apply European, federal and state legal requirements, to secure biodiversity and to analyze habitats. The combination of science and creativity characterizes landscape architecture and is the most important motivation for studying.

Teamwork is required

Landscape architects often work in teams - as well as in close coordination with the future users of their systems. This is already taught during the course. The students work together on practical planning and design tasks. This is nothing for pure desk criminals. Many exercises take place outside, in the college's botanical garden or in the open field. Wellington boots are just as much a part of this as the willingness to get your hands dirty. Even if landscape architects are not horticulturalists, there are times when they have to tackle things themselves.

Practice-oriented study

Both universities and technical colleges in Germany offer landscape architecture studies. The course has existed in Höxter in North Rhine-Westphalia for over 30 years. It comprises eight semesters and includes a practical semester in which the students can establish contacts with the professional world. With a large number of practical exercises, the bachelor's degree is also professionally oriented. Every winter semester, around 80 students are accepted at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences. Various elective modules offer the opportunity to set individual accents.

More jobs than graduates

There are currently more vacancies for landscape architects than graduates are leaving the university. Landscape architecture offices for open space, urban or landscape planning are desperately looking for good staff. Anyone striving for a career as a civil servant is in good hands with specialist authorities for horticulture, road construction and water management. There are also vacancies in nature and environmental protection or at associations. So you can choose whether you want to work in rural or urban areas.