How can libraries be modernized?

City library after modernization: cosiness and a "library of things"

Dusty shelves with thick hams, dim light: Anyone who thinks that libraries have to look like this should make their way to Burghausen. The city library was modernized for around 180,000 euros, so August was closed. Brightness, comfortable seating, loosely lined up bookshelves: this is what the library of the future should look like.

"We want to be Burghausen's second living room," says library director Christin Moll. People shouldn't just come to borrow books, they should stay here. This has been practiced for a long time, by regular customers, newspaper readers and in the self-service café, but now there are even more comfortable sofas.

The Burghauser library has been breaking new ground for a long time: around three years ago, the sorting was switched to topics instead of authors. Even now it was cleared out again and old books, which were hardly borrowed any more, came away. It is mainly classics and non-fiction books that have been retired. That's why the "Library of Things" is to come: From now on, everyday objects can also be borrowed, starting with a slackline or an instant camera, for example. "These are things that you might need or want to try out, but not buy yourself straight away," says Christin Moll. Borrowing instead of buying everything yourself: This is not only easy on the wallet, it is also important in terms of sustainability, Moll believes. In Burghausen, items can be borrowed for two weeks against a deposit. −cts Read more about this on October 8th in the Burghauser / Alt-Neuöttinger Anzeiger.