Why do you stop going to church?

 “Brother Jakob, brother Jakob, are you still sleeping, are you still sleeping?
Do not you hear the bells; Do not you hear the bells? Ding dang dong! "

You probably know the beautiful nursery rhyme. The original version comes from France. The song is now available in at least 27 different languages. It is the "Hello awake!" For big and small late risers.
Brother Jacob, frere jacques, brother John; Do not you hear the bells? Thing, dang, dong! This is the special kind of heavy metal sound.

This should make people wide awake and alert into the new day. With the strong help of the church bells. When the bells ring in the morning, it's time to leave. The new day is ringing in and it may begin with a quick prayer. For the bells have not only been an acoustic signal for more than a thousand years, but the call to prayer.

You don't have to come to a church for this, you can do that from home. “In God's name, Amen!” That is the little ritual to go, in a nutshell. A moment of eye contact with the sky.

Do not you hear the bells?
Have all brothers and sisters listen carefully and pause for a moment.
We start the day under the ringing of bells that say:

Now is your hour, now use your time and turn this day into a good piece of life. God will help you with this. He goes.
I heard that ringing through the sonorous sound as a good mood maker in the morning.

Brother Jacob can no longer be a sleepyhead. The church tower guard takes care of that. This is an announcement. Brand: Saint Bim Bam