How to Recover Deleted Photos from Instagram

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Instagram

Social networks are a logical continuation of the mass production and widespread use of stationary and mobile computing devices, as well as the translation of most information resources into an electronic digital format. Read, How to Recover Deleted Photos from Instagram.


Particularly popular as a universal means of communication and a simple tool for storing a variety of materials, social networks, which after the creation and widespread dissemination of the computer information network "Internet" were obtained.

The Internet offers a variety of connection methods for all types of computing devices and is the primary platform for many social networks, most of which are connected to the vast majority of users in the world.

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The social network «Instagram» is after the social platform «Facebook» the second most popular platform for communication between users and has an active subscriber number of around one billion per month. Instagram offers users the unique opportunity to create, save and share their own photos and video compositions. And, of course, the main tool for continuous access to the social network and communication is mobile computing devices (camera phones, smartphones, communicators, etc.). The social network is available for all common operating systems and supports stable operation on Android, iOS and Windows.

Mobile computing devices are massive, user-accessible, and offer users the ability to connect and interact with each other, including taking snapshots and video stories, quickly, anywhere, through a social network.

Indeed, the preservation of memories, significant events or simple playful moments can best be represented only in photographs and video compositions. And the use of the functions of the social network «Instagram» for data and similar purposes is best suited. Unsurprisingly, users are trying not only to save their files, but also to share them with their friends and subscribers.

Despite the rapid development of technologies and materials for the manufacture of mobile devices, their possibilities are often limited by the small amount of internal storage space suitable for storing and processing user materials. In addition, users take advantage of a wide variety of memory cards to store user data and the best moments in photos and videos.This approach allows users not to free up free space on the device to save their compositions and increases the number all subjects to significant sizes. However, it is not always possible to keep all personal media resources intact. Specialist forums, thematic platforms, social platforms and help centers contain many similar questions, the main purpose of which is to find effective ways to recover lost photos and videos from users deleted on Instagram social network for various reasons (removing disk space from old Subjects) accidental and unexpected deletion, etc.).

Of course, you can find lost user photos and videos on the social network «Instagram» restore. And later in this article, we will look for simple and effective methods to recover deleted files.

Restoring images from the area "Drafts"

The undeniable advantage of the social network «Instagram» is undoubtedly the possibility to save user photos in the form of drafts and upload them at any time from the corresponding area.

To memorize an image as a draft, here are the steps to follow. Open the Instagram application on your mobile device and click the Camera button in the navigation pane at the bottom of the screen, which appears in the shape of a square with a plus sign.

On the new page, users will see a full list of the photos and video footage. The control buttons at the bottom of the page allow users to add a previously saved composition or create a new image or video.

When you click on the black arrow to the submenu next to the button "Gallery" At the top of the screen, you can add existing images from various sources to choose from.

After marking the photo, click the button in the upper right corner "Further" and then up again "Further"if you don't need to edit the selected image or apply an additional filter.

After editing the image, fill in the page «New publication» the field «Enter title» next to the thumbnail and double-click the button "Back", which appears as an arrow pointing to the left.

The Instagram application will prompt you to save the picture as a draft immediately. Click the appropriate button and the image will appear in the area "Drafts" saved.

The image is now in this area for a long time. If necessary, users can share it on their feed, send it to friends or subscribers, move it to the mobile device's gallery folder, and do whatever else they want. The main thing is that the picture does not go away and it can be restored in several ways.

Find the deleted digital materials from «Instagram» in the vault of the mobile device

If you use the mobile application of the social network «Instagram» install, you must first enable the service so that user publications are automatically saved on the phone's storage device. To make sure the service starts, open the Instagram application and click the button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the page «User profile» (a schematic representation of a person's chest).

On the account page, in the upper right corner of the screen, click the call button on the side menu bar, which is in the form of three horizontal lines arranged vertically one above the other.

Then select the option from the options displayed "Settings".

On the Instagram application's account settings page, go to the section "Account".

Now select the section from the list of available actions "Original Publications" out.

Make sure that the radio buttons in the fields on the section page "Save original publications", "Save published photos" and "Save published videos" activated and active. This situation ensures that all photos and videos intended for publication are saved in your phone's library. It should be noted, however, that the settings require a larger amount of free space, but in return they ensure that materials are stored in the memory of the mobile device.

Now all user pictures and video compositions are saved and are available in the corresponding albums on the mobile device.

For mobile device users with the Android system installed, you can view and recover deleted or lost photos from Instagram application in Gallery smartphone system application, which contains various albums. When deleted photos from «Instagram» were taken with the phone's camera, it is not difficult to find the original photos. In the "Gallery" find the subfolder «Instagram»which contains images of the social network sorted by date. The Gallery folder also contains the folder «Recent photos»which contains images from a variety of sources including the Instagram mobile app.

Separately, you should use the directory "DCIM" check in the file explorer of the mobile device and your deleted photos and videos in the subfolder «Camera» search.

For users of mobile devices based on the iOS system, you can find deleted pictures from the Instagram social network in the albums directory of the photo application. Open the specified application on the «IPhone», Go to «Instagram»Album and check if the deleted photos are there. If there are photos, they can be uploaded again to the Instagram app.

If the picture you want is not found, then you need to check the location of the deleted photos - the album «Recently deleted». A characteristic of this directory is the time limit within which a remote snapshot can be saved, and the valid period does not exceed 30 days. After this period, the image will be permanently deleted. If the storage time has not expired and the desired image has been found, simply mark it and restore it. The picture is immediately returned to the album that the picture was in before it was deleted.

Check out the archive feature on the Instagram mobile app

In 2017 the social network «Instagram» the new function "Archive" the temporary secure storage of deleted files in "Waste paper bin" other popular applications (e.g. «Google Photos») corresponds, integrated, the function not only makes it possible to hide photos and stories from viewing, but also contribute to the immediate restoration of the "Deleted" Photos at. Until users delete the archive, images and video compositions are available for quick and guaranteed restoration and exchange.

Open the Instagram mobile app and sign in to your account. Go to the user profile page in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Now click on the call button in the side menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen (three horizontal lines one above the other) and select the section from the list of actions that appears "Archive" out.

All currently available photos and video material are presented on the site.

Choose the image you're looking for and click the pop-up menu (three vertically arranged dots in the upper-right corner of the image) in which you find the section «Show in profile» select from archive for a successful immediate restore.

You can do that too «Story Archive» view (temporary snapshots and videos that users do not want to regularly upload to their feed and that disappear after twenty-four hours) and restore the desired image in the same way. To the "History archive" click on the black arrow to open the submenu and select the appropriate area.

Recover lost data with your Google account

Google Corporation is a recognized giant in the digital industry, providing users with custom designed applications that allow users to access a variety of personal information from a single account. In addition to the search service, Google offers the Google Photos application, which allows photos and videos from compilations of users with the appropriate permissions to be automatically stored in a remote network storage that is allocated to users for their own needs. This is quite a practical service, with which, after a one-time setup, all user photos and video material can be stored remotely in sufficient quality and accessed when required.

Many Android mobile operating system users use Google Photos to save their photos. It is therefore worthwhile to check whether there is a backup copy of the user data in the cloud storage, with which you can easily recover lost pictures.

To do this, go to the Google Photos app in your account and check the content of all albums published there. With the settings for «Google Photos» allows you to select a mode in which all photos and video materials are saved from the device even after their originals have been deleted.

The next step is to check that the "Waste paper bin" the application «Google Photos» Your on «Instagram» contains published photos. Press the Menu key (three horizontal lines one above the other in the upper left corner of the application page) and select the option from the list of sections displayed "Shopping cart".

Find the lost pictures, mark them (mark the pictures with a color marker) and click the button "Restore", which is represented in the form of a clock face with a circular arrow.

All selected files will be restored immediately.

Find Instagram photos using the online archive

The online archive service is useful when users need to view previous versions of the website and restore the previously saved content. This method works successfully for many websites and should work with Instagram. However, if you have recently become a user of a social network and the recorded time of your stay on Instagram is low, then you probably cannot find your materials. In any case, this method is time-saving and worth trying out.

Go to the main page of the website and enter your Instagram account address in the text box.

After processing the request, the archive service displays a calendar with possible options for saving the website content. Pick a date and check out the featured version.

Most calendar dates don't have dates, and you'll just see a blank page in place of your photos. Despite having more than 371 billion saved website content options, the chances of finding the custom digital content you need are slim, but you shouldn't neglect it.

Make a backup copy of your data

You can back up data to the cloud on many mobile devices. And versions of devices from different manufacturers use different options. If the function is activated in good time, all data, including photos and video compositions, can be saved both in Google Photos and on the manufacturer's own cloud servers. For example «ICloud» or «ITunes» for the operating system «IOS» or corporate storage facilities «Samsung», "Mi Cloud" and others for the system «Android». To protect your media data, the unplanned loss of photos and video material from the social network «Instagram» to avoid, and to achieve a simple restoration of compositions in the event of data loss, it is recommended to make backup copies. This significantly increases the security of the source data.

Recover deleted pictures and videos using a special recovery program

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The use of mobile computing devices to access the social network «Instagram» relies primarily on the latter's ability to increase the amount of free space available from a variety of memory cards. If user snapshots and videos have been deleted and the above methods could not be restored, consider using third-party file recovery software.

The information network "Internet" presents a variety of products that enable the return of lost images and video materials. Most of them have similar skills. According to a number of important criteria, such as the amount of successfully recovered data, the ability to operate and process drives of all kinds, the availability of effective methods to scan and find lost data, the simplicity, speed and ease of use, several recognized market leaders take a leading Position a. One of them is Hetman Software. The company combines all of these advantages in its products and offers a wide range of recovery tools designed for different situations.To return lost user photos and videos, it is recommended to use the “Hetman Photo Recovery” program.

The program is packed with features and is capable of recovering media data lost by users due to various reasons. Recovery of photos and video material due to accidental or incorrect deletion, data returned after forced deletion or formatting of the drive due to a loss of access to memory cards (reading and viewing data in File Explorer is not possible) after emptying the Recycle Bin, or a irrevocable file deletion method was used (the key combination «Shift» + «Delete», the use of special software, etc.) do not cause any particular difficulties for the Hetman Photo Recovery program, as it quickly returns the maximum suitable for further use of this data.

Another important component in the popularity of the program among users is its ability to recover data after exposure to malicious programs, access to images has been blocked by viruses, equipment malfunctions, and power surges. A convenient and intuitive user interface of the program allows its use even by inexperienced users who do not have any special knowledge in the field of file recovery.

Download the installation file from "Hetman Photo Recovery" from the official Hetman Software website, launch it and follow the step-by-step instructions in the wizard to prepare the program for future use.

When the installation is complete, open the «Hetman Photo Recovery Program»that appears as the step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted pictures and video compositions and click the Next button to start the search and return data.

The program automatically performs the first analysis and displays all the storage devices it has detected on a new page. Select the desired storage option by highlighting it with the left mouse button and clicking the button "Further" click to continue.

It then prompts users to specify the type of analysis to use to scan and recover deleted files. The option «Quick search» is useful for finding and returning data that was recently accidentally or mistakenly deleted. The second option «Complete analysis» helps to find as much information as possible and return most of the data that was lost for other reasons. Select the type of analysis that is best suited to a particular situation by ticking the selection indicator (period) next to the appropriate option and clicking "Further" click".

With "Hetman Photo Recovery" search criteria can be changed by setting individual restrictions on certain parameters. Users can instruct the program to search for files by size, creation, modification, or opening date in order to select files that match certain characteristics. Also, choose a specific format of files to recover by specifying specific values ​​in the selection window, or search for all possible files that have been deleted from the device. After selecting the criteria for searching for files, click the button "Further". The process of analyzing and restoring files will start.

It takes some time to complete the analysis, which is directly dependent on various factors such as: B. the size of the drive, the file system, the degree of information corruption, etc. The operation is carried out in real time and all the detected files are displayed in the program window.

At the end of the analysis process, users must select the files required for the recovery from the suggested file list in a new program window by ticking the selection indicator ("Checkmark") next to the desired thumbnails. When you select a file, its detailed description and a small copy are displayed in the sidebar.

If you click the "View" Click, an enlarged image of the deleted file is displayed. You can use the navigation buttons to rotate the picture, switch to the next picture and video display, or return to the previous window.

Highlighting the files you are looking for, click in the window of the "Analysis results" the button "Further". The next page will ask you to choose the method you need to save the files highlighted on the previous page. There are four options that users can choose from:

"Save on hard drive" - Allows files to be written to an internal or external storage medium.

«Burn to CD / DVD» - saves files on a CD or DVD optical drive;

"Create a virtual ISO image" (Create Virtual ISO Image) - Supports creating a virtual image with recovered files and then burning them to a hard drive or removable media;

"Upload via FTP" - uses the built-in «FTP client»to put the recovered files into "Internet" upload.

Place the selection indicator (period) next to the desired method for saving files and click the button "Further".

On the last page of the Hetman Photo Recovery program window, specify the path to save the files and other parameters, which differ depending on the selected method, and click the button "Restore". All files marked for recovery are returned according to the criteria specified.

Learn more about the features of the program to recover deleted photos and video compositions from "Hetman Photo Recovery" on our video channel you will find the orientation aid: «How to Recover Raw Photos after Deleting, Formatting, and Cleaning a Card».

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Social networks are very popular and are regularly used by users for communication, data exchange and instant forwarding of various messages. The Instagram network occupies a leading position among other social platforms, largely due to its main function, which is aimed at creating, storing and promoting a variety of images, own photos and videos that are free on the network for friends and users Be published and distributed to subscribers.

However, custom photos and videos can often be deleted, corrupted, or lost for a variety of reasons. However, the modern recovery methods presented in this article will help avoid irretrievable losses and return missing compositions.

Regardless of whether users use the built-in tools of the social network «Instagram» use and pictures from the sections "Drafts" or "Archive" Retrieve photos and videos in File Explorer or in the phone albums "Gallery" search, extract from backup or restore using Hetman Photo Recovery special software. Photos and videos will be returned at the discretion of the user and available for further action. Regularly using the backup tool for pictures and videos will greatly reduce the risk of permanent data loss forever.

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