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Penis enlargement. Come when you want! by David Emmerich


1 penis extension come when you want! by David Emmerich

2 Penis Lengthening 1 Copyright 3 Medical Advice 4 Introduction 5 Penis and Sexuality 8 To what extent can the penis be changed at all? 10 Documentation of progress 15 Anatomical basics & cell physiological theory 19 Limiting factors and the relationship between BPFSL and BPEL 23 Manual methods of penis enlargement 30 Technical aids for penis enlargement 35 Training the pelvic floor muscles 41 Training plans and increases 43 Supportive measures 46 Diet and food supplements 49 Outlook and advice 56 PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "2

3 Copyright Just So We Talked About It I put a lot of effort into creating the ebook. I researched carefully and incorporated my own experiences. Sometimes I paid a lot of money to get sensitive and devilishly helpful information. In terms of proportionality, it is almost Mother Theresa-like that I am offering you the book for so little money if you will get your sex life under control once and for all. Therefore I ask you not to reproduce, copy or translate the complete package under any circumstances. Neither the whole package nor parts of it. All offenders will be prosecuted and reported. If you know someone who is opposed to this agreement and give me a tip with the help of which I can find the wrongdoer and bring him to justice, you will get 100 from me. Write to me about it :) You will get that too, by the way, if You should have downloaded the ebook from a swap exchange and tell me the name and IP address of the uploader. You will remain unpunished and anonymous, you have my word for that. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "3

4 Medical advice This must also be included. This guide in no way replaces a visit to the doctor or pharmacist. Only these professionally trained people can help you if you have health problems that you no longer know based on simple information (as provided here in this guide). It is better to consult such an expert once too much rather than once too little! I am not responsible for experiments that you carry out against the advice of a professional. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "4

5 Introduction Does it all actually work? Many skeptics who have not yet dealt with natural penis enlargement will surely ask themselves these or similar questions. Above all, dubious providers of various miracle pills for penis enlargement and similar offers on the market ensure that the mistrust of methods for enlarging the male genitalia is immense and wrongly wrong. Because permanent enlargement of the penis is definitely possible without resorting to surgical procedures or alleged miracle cures. However, techniques that can actually cause penile enlargement are largely beyond public discussion. Because in contrast to many other (often surgical) changes to the human body, penis enlargement is still a taboo subject. A lack of education and fraudulent products combined with false promises have therefore led to the fact that a natural enlargement of the penis is rashly dismissed as charlatanry by many people. In this book you will find an overview of the most common methods for natural penis enlargement and detailed explanations of all relevant questions that arise in this context. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "5

6 What you will look for in this book in vain are false promises of possible success or a secret recipe for quick results. Natural penis enlargement takes work, time, and realistic expectations. Before we fully dive into the subject, two important points should also be pointed out: 1. Every penis is unique! In this book you will get to know various methods and tools, the effect and effectiveness of which ultimately depends on individual factors. There is no general recipe, just combinations of different methods that have been found to be effective for a large number of men. 2. The methods presented in this book involve risks that you must not ignore. Injuries can occur, especially if it is used incorrectly and at too high an intensity. For this reason, a doctor should always be consulted when it comes to enlarging the penis. In addition, all methods should always be used gently. You only have one penis and you must not put its function at risk. For this reason, pain is in any case a clear signal that a reduction in intensity is necessary or that certain methods are simply unsuitable for you. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "6

7 In addition, you should be aware of the fact that there is no scientific basis for the exact functioning of natural methods of penis enlargement before you get into the matter. There are certain theories and studies that prove that the methods presented here achieve actual results; However, exact scientific findings about the mode of action are not yet available. Natural penis enlargement is therefore not a myth, but only a practice based on (very numerous) empirical values. If you understand that, we can get started right away! PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "7

8 Penis and Sexuality The penis and its size are surrounded by many myths and false information. Access to pornography in particular has shaped an idea of ​​penis and sexuality for many men (and women) that cannot be reconciled with reality. It is therefore necessary to correct the perception of penis size and its significance for sexuality. According to several studies, the average length of an erect penis is between 12.9 and 15 centimeters. The average circumference is around 11 to 12 centimeters. The length and girth of penises that are portrayed in pornographic media are, for the most part, well above these values, which leads to misconceptions about average proportions. With regard to the appearance of the penis, the porn industry has also manifested misconceptions that assume a pin-straight penis of constant thickness. In reality, however, penis shapes that deviate from this are more the rule than the exception. Many penises have a curvature and also differ in terms of shape from the ideal penises in the porn industry. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "8

A distinction is made between the following shapes: 1. Bottle shape: The glans is larger than the shaft. This form affects most men. 2. Cylindrical shape: The penis has a constant thickness. This form affects about a third of men. 3. Cone shape: the base of the penis is thicker than the glans. Serious misjudgments arise through the dissemination of wrong ideas with regard to sexuality. While the penis length is often mistakenly considered to be decisive for the woman's pleasure during sexual intercourse, the penis thickness actually plays a much larger role. In addition, a penis length, as it is shown in many porn films, even leads to pain in many women due to their anatomy. For this reason, do not allow yourself to be impressed by pornographic media. The dimensions of the actors are far outside the norm and ideal range. If one can speak of an ideal penis at all, it is certainly not more than 20 cm in length, but rather around cm in length and 15 cm in circumference. Ultimately, however, the ideal penis size naturally depends on the personal feelings of the partner. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "9

10 To what extent can the penis be changed at all? The term penis enlargement does not exactly cover the possibilities of change offered by different methods. In the following, it should therefore first be explained which forms of change are possible and to what extent these can be brought about in a targeted manner, before the next chapter deals with the development of possible results. The length of the penis The length of the penis can be increased in both the flaccid and erect state. The change in both values ​​always goes hand in hand and can hardly be influenced independently of one another. It is possible, however, that one of the two values ​​recorded stronger growth than the other. Targeted influencing of the relationship is at least controversial. It is also unclear to what extent the different behavior in the erection of blood penises and meat penises affects possible changes. It is often claimed that increases in the flaccid state are to be expected faster with meat penises. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "10

11 The penis thickness Much more versatile than the penis length are possible changes in the penis thickness. The total thickness of the penis as well as the thickness at certain points and thus the penis shape can be changed. It is quite possible that a penis will grow larger in the area of ​​the glans or the penis root than in other places. However, it is difficult to influence these changes in a targeted manner; an aspect that should be of particular interest to men who already have a pronounced flacon or cone shape and now want to achieve a balance. The curvature of the penis The curvature of the penis can also be partially influenced by exercises. The results here are, however, much less serious and can at most lead to the elimination of a very slight curvature. If your penis shows a strong curvature, this can also be a sign of illness, which is why you should definitely consult a doctor. Expectations and Possible Results Perhaps the most common question that beginners in the field of penis enlargement ask is about possible results. However, there is no general answer, as the possible increases depend on too many individual factors. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "11

On the basis of empirical values, however, at least a rough framework can be defined that shows the area of ​​the possible. The golden rule for maintaining motivation and avoiding disappointment is: for heaven's sake, stay realistic! False promises a lá 4 centimeters in 4 weeks, as they can be found with some providers of so-called miracle cures, will not get you any further, but at most cause bitter disappointment if the success does not materialize. So instead, let's take a look at results that are actually within reach: What is certain is that many beginners experience rapid gains in the first two months. With regard to the penis length, increases in the range of 0.5 to 1 centimeter can often be observed, in exceptional cases even up to 2 centimeters. Realistically, however, most people should aim for an increase in length of 2 centimeters within the first year. In comparison, increases in penis thickness are not to be expected so quickly. This is mainly due to the fact that an increase of a few millimeters means a significant increase in the total volume. Within the first year the penis thickness can be expected to increase by a maximum of 1 centimeter, in rare cases a little more. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "12

13 Make no mistake: Even if you should be disappointed the first time you read this information, such gains can already have a huge impact on self-confidence and sex life. Remember that an increase in length of 2 centimeters is already an increase of 10-20% of the total length for most men! The same applies to increases in penis thickness. Even minor changes can make a significant difference here. Time and motivation Hand on heart: Secretly you were hoping that this book would provide a magic formula, an easy way to get quick results. While this is understandable, it misses the point of reality. A (natural) enlargement of the penis in circumference and length cannot be expected overnight and is always associated with work. Carrying out the necessary training with the necessary consistency is not always easy and requires a certain amount of discipline and, of course, motivation. However, especially at the beginning, this aspect shouldn't be too big a problem, as successes come quickly in the first few months. Nevertheless, your own progress should be documented at regular intervals, because it is not always easy to perceive slow changes as such without a measuring tape. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "13

14 A measurement of the gains helps to maintain motivation and to stay on the ball with the training. Nonetheless, you should be aware that penis enlargement naturally is a lengthy process that can require at least months, more likely years, of training. If gains are still slight at the beginning, the successes decrease with increasing duration of the training and often require overcoming plateaus before further progress is possible. Of course, the amount of time you should aim for for your own training also depends on what goals have been set. If you have to wait for the first few months to be successful, don't be too quick to lose your courage! Even if many men achieve quick success in the beginning, this does not necessarily have to be the case with you. Vary the methods you will learn about below. Often increases occur in batches and only depend on small changes in training. Every penis reacts differently to certain stimuli and methods! PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "14

15 Documentation of progress In order to achieve the best possible success, precise documentation of progress is essential: It is not only motivation that benefits when one's own successes can be proven on paper and not only relying on personal feelings. Accurate documentation of the changes also makes it possible to distinguish between effective and ineffective methods. Every body behaves differently, which is why working methods must always be determined individually. It is therefore important to have documentation that, on the one hand, uses very precise dimensions. On the other hand, the time intervals should be set regularly and not too long or too narrow in order to actually leave room for changes. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "15

16 A smallest measurement interval of one month is therefore advisable; it is better to take a measurement every two months. In order to be able to record progress really precisely, we use various measurement parameters, the precise determination of which is explained below. It goes without saying that the first step on your way to a bigger penis is to determine your baseline values. You should not be squeamish during the measurement (for example, when it comes to stretched measured values ​​in length) and absolutely measure your maximum values ​​so as not to falsify the later comparison. This aspect will be discussed in the relevant measurement parameters. The measurements should always be carried out at the same time of day, under similar circumstances and with the same procedure (e.g. always while standing). To enable a correct measurement, the penis should be pressed at a 90 angle to the body, i.e. parallel to the floor when standing. Let's take a look at the various parameters, the names of which will always play a role in the following chapters: NBPEL (Non Bone Pressed Erect Length): As the name suggests, the NBPEL value indicates the length of the erect penis, whereby the ruler is not pressed against the body, but loosely attached to the base of the penis. It is measured from the base to the tip of the glans. For most men, this value represents the "actual" penis length, because the NBPEL unadulteratedly describes the visible length of the erect penis. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARKER: # FSN6XT PAGE "16

17 Nevertheless, this value is strongly dependent on body weight and therefore only partially suitable for documentation. Nevertheless, it is not entirely unimportant in interaction with other measured variables and should definitely be documented from the start.BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length): In contrast, the BPEL value is determined by pressing the ruler as much as possible against the pelvic bone. This value is best suited to document increases in the erect length of the penis, as it does not depend on fluctuations in body weight. NBPFL (Non Bone Pressed Flaccid Length): The NBPFL value indicates the length of the penis when flaccid and, like the NBPEL, is measured without pressure from the base to the tip of the glans. This value is rather unimportant and not very suitable for documenting progress, as it depends on numerous factors (e.g. temperature) and fluctuates over the course of a day. BPFSL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length): The BPFSL value documents the length of the flaccid penis that is stretched to its maximum length. As with the BPEL, the ruler is pressed against the pelvic bone. This value has the greatest potential for measurement errors for beginners, which is why it is important that measurements are taken correctly from the start: The ruler should really be pressed as far as possible against the bone and the penis should be grasped with one hand (preferably directly behind the glans) and can be stretched to the maximum. Experience has shown that there is usually a difference of about 1 to 3 centimeters between BPFSL and BPEL. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "17

18 EG (Erect Girth): The EG value is ultimately used to measure the size of the erect penis. It is important to distinguish at which point on the penis is measured, as the circumference often has different values ​​from the base to the shaft to the glans. Therefore, measurements should always be made at the same point. It is even better to make a subdivision into three different values: EG-base (at the penis root), EG-mid (penis shaft) and EG-glans (circumference of the glans). This is the only way to reliably track changes in the shape of the penis. With the exception of the NBPFL, all values ​​should actually be measured regularly in order to check the effectiveness of your own training program. In addition, the relation of certain values ​​to one another serves as an indicator of whether the training should focus more on fat or length exercises. This is based on a theory that defines two different anatomical limits for the increases in length and thickness of the penis: the tunica albuginea or the smooth muscles. In Chapter 5 we want to go into this important theory. But first let's take a look at the anatomical basics and how natural penis enlargement (presumably) works in the first place. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "18

19 Anatomical basics & cell physiological theory Important for effective training for penis enlargement is at least a rough understanding of the anatomical structure of the penis. The penis consists of two cylindrical cavernous bodies, the corpora cavernosa and the ventral corpus spongiosum, which surrounds the urethra and the end of which forms the glans penis. The corpora cavernosa are surrounded by an approximately 1 millimeter thick connective tissue-like capsule, the tunica albuginea. The penis is fastened by a ligament that consists of the ligamentum fundiforme penis and the ligamentum suspensorium penis. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "19

20 The cavernous tissue is built up like a sponge that contains cavities. The cavernous spaces are lined with endothelial cells and are divided by bar-like structures made up of smooth muscle bundles and a composite of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. The peculiarity of the smooth muscles is that their normal state is contraction, which leads to minimal blood flow to the erectile tissue. The erection of the penis is caused by the relaxation of the smooth muscles in the corpora cavernosa. As a result, the cavities in the spongy structure of the erectile tissue are expanded, blood flow to the corpora cavernosa increases and the penis enlarges. The stiffening of the penis is ultimately caused by the fact that the expansion of the erectile tissue is limited to the outside by the tunica albuginea. In the erect state, the increased blood volume and the compression of the bar structures of the erectile tissue against the rigid tunica albuginea also lead to a reduction in venous outflow. This aspect of limiting the expansion of the erectile tissue by the tunica will play a decisive role in the following chapter. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "20

21 How is the permanent enlargement of the penis achieved? So far, there is no reliable knowledge about the exact mode of action of the methods on the penis; However, it is already certain that various stretching methods act on the holding apparatus of the penis, consisting of the ligamentum fundiforme penis and ligamentum suspensorium penis, and lengthen it by stretching. In addition, certain methods also have a direct effect on the penile tissue. Stretching stimuli can lead to so-called micro-lesions, tiny injuries in the tissue, the healing of which requires the formation of new cells. Similar to superficial scarring, hyperplasia creates new tissue that gradually elongates the penis. This effect mainly affects the tunica albuginea. At this point you may be rightly suspicious, as the previous statements actually mean that the training is intended to cause targeted tissue damage. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARKER: # FSN6XT PAGE "21

22 In fact, this aspect probably holds the secret, but also the risk of injury, of natural penis enlargement. Therefore, the following note applies again at this point: Always carry out all the exercises that you will get to know in this book gently and without pain. Be sure to coordinate your approach with a doctor. Too much intensity can not only lead to injury, but can even do the opposite of what you want to achieve. Because larger injuries lead to the formation of coarse scar tissue that is not very flexible and can possibly even lead to a contraction of the penis. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "22

23 Limiting Factors and the Relationship Between BPFSL and BPEL Central to continued success in penis enlargement is the correct selection of methods. One approach to determining those techniques that are individually most effective is a theory based on two limiting factors in penile anatomy, which can be present alternatively: Either the tunica albuginea is the limiting factor or the smooth muscles. In order to facilitate the understanding of the method-finding theory that is based on this premise, we want to go back to the tunica albuginea and the smooth muscles at this point and explain their respective roles, in order to then explain their interplay and explain to what extent on the basis of an analysis the measured values ​​of BPFSL and BPEL, conclusions can be drawn about the individual limiting factor. The tunica albuginea is an approximately 1 millimeter thick, tissue-like capsule that surrounds the erectile tissue as an outer boundary. In the event of an erection, it limits the outward expansion of the erectile tissue and, at a certain point, prevents the blood flow from increasing further. Similar to the sheathing of a car tire, the tunica causes from a certain point that there is no more expansion outwards, but only the pressure in the interior (the cavernous bodies, corresponding to the tube of the car tire) increases, i.e. the hardness of the erection increases. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "23

24 As already explained, the smooth muscles can be found in the cavernous tissue. The structure of the erectile tissue can be compared to that of a sponge, the cavities of which can expand. The smooth muscles are responsible for this expansion, which causes an increase in blood flow. If the penis is not erect, the smooth muscles are tense and prevent the blood from flowing in. If it comes to an erection, the smooth muscles relax and the increasing blood flow causes the erectile tissue to expand and press against the outer boundary of the tunica, which leads to stiffening and at the same time prevents blood from flowing through the veins. The interaction of tunica albuginea and smooth muscles Because the tunica albuginea limits the expansion of the erectile tissue, it has a direct influence on the size of the erect penis and the quality of the erection (hardness of the erection) in interaction with the erectile tissue. We distinguish between two cases that are relevant to us: 1. If the tunica is not particularly flexible or the smooth muscles are particularly pronounced, the tunica may limit the expansion of the erectile tissue before they are used to their full potential. The quality of the erection is then very high due to the high pressure in the cavernous tissue, but the size of the erect penis is smaller than it could possibly be. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "24

25 2. Conversely, there is also the case that the tunica is overstretched or the smooth muscles are not particularly pronounced. In this case, the expansion of the erectile tissue is not slowed down prematurely, but the tunica is too large for the corpus cavernosum filled with blood, which is why there is no particularly high pressure. In this case, the quality of the erection is rather poor, the outflow via the veins cannot be completely stopped and the erection subsides quickly. The aim of all methods of penis enlargement should therefore be to achieve a healthy relationship between the stretching of the tunica albuginea on the one hand and the development of the smooth muscles on the other. This should allow the erectile tissue to develop the maximum potential of their expansion. However, this should be done with the best possible erection quality. For this reason, the choice of methods for penis enlargement should always be based on the individual anatomical conditions in order to compensate for existing imbalances through appropriate training. We want to go into more detail in a moment about how your own starting position can be determined using various indicators. First, let's take a look at the different types of training methods and their effects. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARKER: # FSN6XT PAGE "25

26 Enlargement methods and their effects All methods for natural penis enlargement can be roughly divided into two categories: On the one hand, there are methods that cause elongation (hereinafter referred to as length exercises). These methods mainly affect the penis holding apparatus, consisting of the penis fundiform ligament and the penis suspensor ligament, and the tunica albuginea. On the other hand, there are methods that cause the penis to stretch by increasing the internal pressure (hereinafter referred to as thickness exercises). These exercises tend to target the smooth muscles. The combination of different methods enables a focus of the training on the tunica or the smooth muscles and thus allows us to compensate for individual deficits and thus to maximize the gains and to make the training as efficient as possible. Of course, both enlargement methods can also be completed in equal parts if neither the tunica nor the smooth muscles show deficits. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "26

27 Determination of the individually limiting factor So that the training can be designed accordingly, it is of course necessary that your own anatomical requirements are taken as a basis. Two different indicators help to determine the individual limiting factor: The difference between BPFSL and BPEL, as well as the erection quality. The difference between BPFSL and BPEL allows conclusions to be drawn about how well the erectile tissue is able to fill the tunica albuginea during an erection. If the length of the stretched, flaccid penis is significantly greater than the erect length of the penis, this indicates that the tunica is already stretching significantly more than the erectile tissue requires. If the erectile tissue were able to fill the tunica completely, the erect penis size would be almost identical to the BPFSL value. The greater the difference between BPFSL and BPEL, the fewer length exercises are required as part of the training, because the tunica albuginea already has a pronounced stretch. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "27

28 In this case, the smooth muscles would be the limiting factor, which is why more weight training should be used. Conversely, a small difference between BPFSL and BPEL suggests that the erectile tissue need more space and that the smooth muscles should not initially be trained more with weight training . In this case, the tunica albuginea would be the limiting factor, which is why more length exercises should be used. For most men, the difference between the two values ​​will be somewhere between 0 and 3 centimeters. A good guideline is a difference of 1.5 centimeters as the threshold between training that focuses on length exercises and training that is mainly based on weight exercises. Finally, the erection quality is used as an indicator to back up one's own conclusions based on the BPFSL-BPEL difference. The better the erection quality, i.e. the harder the erection, the more likely the tunica albuginea is the limiting factor. It can be helpful to assess the quality of your erections on a scale of 1-10, where 10 stands for maximum hardness and 0 for the flaccid penis. If your erection quality is regularly 8 or above, this speaks in favor of the tunica albuginea as a limiting factor. Conversely, a poor erection quality suggests the smooth muscles are the limiting factor. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "28

29 In summary, the following can be stated: If the erection quality is 8 or above and the BPFSL-BPEL difference is 1.5 cm or more, the tunica albuginea is probably the limiting factor. If this is the case, you should combine training methods in such a way that your program consists of 2/3 length exercises and only 1/3 thickness exercises. If the erection quality is 7 or below and the BPFSL-BPEL difference is less than 1.5 cm, smooth muscle is probably the limiting factor. If this is the case, you should do 2/3 thickness exercises and only 1/3 length exercises. In theory, of course, this sounds much easier than it is in practice. Because not all exercises can be properly assigned to one or the other category, but often represent mixed forms that train both length and thickness. Therefore, you shouldn't get too fixated on these formulas. Instead, you can see a rough direction for your training in it, because natural penis enlargement is not an exact science anyway. Nevertheless, the following classification should give you a rough idea of ​​which methods belong to which category, before we want to introduce the said methods in the following: Length exercises and devices: manual stretching, hanging, stretcher and extender Thickness exercises and devices: jelqing, pumping. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "29

30 Manual Methods of Penis Enlargement Manual methods of penis enlargement are extremely popular. They can be performed without tools, do not require a lot of time or preparation, and are very effective. Often, manual training without aids is seen as a safer way to avoid injuries. But make no mistake: You can very well cause damage with your hands if you misjudge your strength and want to make progress at any cost. Safety and careful procedures should therefore always have top priority. Manual stretching Manual stretching is one of the length exercises and exists in many different variations. The procedure should always be carried out with the penis completely relaxed. Stretching on the erect limb is extremely risky and can permanently damage the erectile tissue. Due to the number of different variations, we only want to deal with the basic form of stretching and some common variations. Once you have internalized the basics, you can even try out creative forms of stretching yourself. Over time you will develop a feeling for which types of stretching will achieve the best results for you. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "30

31 The basic stretching process is as follows: 1. Take your penis in one hand. Pull back the foreskin completely (unless you are circumcised) and grasp the penis tightly, but without exerting too much pressure. The thumb and index finger should form a ring that encloses the penis just behind the glans.In this way, the penis cannot slip out of your hand during the subsequent stretching. 2. Pull the penis away from your body at a 90-degree angle. Slowly increase the stretch and never be jerky. Stretch the penis as much as possible without feeling any pain or making the extension uncomfortable. 3. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds; then let the penis loose for a moment and repeat the procedure. After several passes, you can vary the direction of the stretching and stretch the penis up and down, left and right of the body. 4. Finally, loosen the penis with a light massage and get the blood circulation going again. In order to be able to grasp the penis as securely as possible, it is advisable to wash and dry your penis and hands thoroughly before stretching. Latex gloves or a piece of toilet paper can also provide a better grip. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARKER: # FSN6XT PAGE "31

32 stretch variations A-stretch: The starting position for A-stretch is identical to the basic form of stretching. In addition, however, the free arm is passed under the stretched penis and the wrist of the other arm is gripped. Now you can press against the stretched penis from below, which means a stronger stretch for the tunica albuginea. Bundled-stretch: With bundled-stretch, the penis is twisted like a cord before stretching. Depending on your experience, the degree of rotation can be gradually increased. However, in the beginning this exercise should be used with extreme caution. Helicopter stretch: The helicopter stretch is a popular variation on the standard stretches and gets its name from the circular motion that is performed during the stretch. Instead of stretching the penis in the same position for a long period of time, the penis is rotated, but the stretch is maintained permanently. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "32

33 Jelqing Jelqing is, so to speak, the counterpart to stretching and embodies the basic form of all manual fatigue exercises. Similar to stretching, the same applies here: Once you have internalized the principle and the basics of the exercise, it is easy to develop your own variations and perfect your own training. Jelqing is one of the most well-known techniques for penis enlargement and is said to have originated in the Arab world, although the exact origin is controversial. In jelqing, blood is usually pressed into the erectile tissue with the hand through a "milking" movement, thereby widening the blood vessels. During the exercise, the penis should be at least half erect in order to have an increased blood flow as a basis. Under no circumstances should beginners have a completely erect penis, as the maximum blood flow from jelqing would mean too much pressure for the untrained tissue and could cause greater damage to the erectile tissue. Jelqing process: Use your thumb and index finger to form a ring (similar to the "OK sign") just above the base of the penis. The middle finger can be added to increase the pressure. Now move your hand slowly (5-10 seconds) in the direction of the glans with light pressure. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "33

34 As a result, more blood than usual is pressed into the erectile tissue and it expands. As soon as you have reached the glans, place your other hand back on the base of the penis and repeat the movement. With a little practice, this creates a fluid sequence of movements. If there is pain, the pressure applied may be too high. If the pain persists even with less pressure, you should first stop the exercise. In order to make jelqing more comfortable, many users have switched to moistening the penis with lotion, lubricant, etc. and doing so-called wet jelqing. However, the exercise can also be performed dry. Due to the variation options in terms of pressure and speed, jelqing offers many design options for your own training. The most common variation of jelqing is the uli, an exercise that should only be used by advanced users. The upper jaw handle is also used for the Uli, but it is pressed much more tightly. Then the hand is only moved a few centimeters in the direction of the glans and the resulting pressure is held for a few seconds. In this position, the OK grip is pressed firmly a few times and the erectile tissue expands to the maximum. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "34

35 Technical aids for penis enlargement In addition to manual methods for penis enlargement, there are also technical aids that make training easier and can sometimes offer a more effective alternative to the manual approach. In principle, all technical aids work on the same principle as manual exercises, namely either by stretching the penis or expanding the erectile tissue. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "35

36 Hanging (Hanging) Hanging on with weights is possibly the oldest method of penis enlargement and has been ethnologically proven in many parts of the world. Through years of hanging weights, penis lengths of up to 45 centimeters are said to have been achieved. Compared to manual stretching, the main advantage is that attaching weights enables a constant pull. The load can also be increased in a controlled manner and does not depend on the personal assessment of one's own strength exercise. Nevertheless, there are also clear disadvantages: The risk of injury when hanging is very high, especially for beginners. In addition, carefully designed structures or professional hanging devices are necessary for gentle hanging, which is why the cost factor clearly speaks in favor of manual stretching. Execution of hanging: The exact execution of the hanging corresponds strongly to the type of hanger used. You should always start with a weight that does not exceed 1 kilogram. While hanging, always make sure that the blood circulation in the penis is not impaired too much. For this reason, hanging should not be longer than minutes at a time. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "36

37 There are also various variations when it comes to hanging, for example hanging over a pulley (this extends the penis upwards) or over a so-called fulcrum, which enables strong stress at certain points. In summary, it can be said that hanging is a dangerous exercise that is only recommended for advanced users. Pumps Penis pumps are probably one of the most well-known methods of penis enlargement: The penis is inserted into a glass cylinder and air is then pumped out of the cylinder. The resulting negative pressure causes more blood and lymph to flow into the penis, thus ensuring expansion. Although pumping is not particularly promising as a stand-alone exercise, pumps can be used very effectively as a supplement and enable good gains. Choosing a pump When choosing a pump, you should definitely refrain from cheap pumps without pressure indicators or with anatomically shaped cylinders. The cylinder diameter plays a decisive role in the selection: If it is too large, it may not be possible to generate sufficient negative pressure because the cylinder does not close properly or it sucks in the skin of the scrotum. If it is too small, the penis cannot expand sufficiently and there will be no success. The pump should be chosen so that your own penis fits easily and still has some leeway. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "37

38 The most common cylinder sizes are: 1.75 "= 4.5 cm, 2.00" = 5.1 cm, 2.25 "= 5.7 cm, 2.50" = 6.4 cm, 2.75 "= 7.0 cm, 3.00 "= 7.6 cm, 3.25" = 8.3 cm and 3.50 "= 8.9 cm. In some cases, there are also cylinders that are made cone-shaped. In this way, the so-called baseball effect can be avoided, i.e. an imbalance in the penis thickness in which the penis becomes thicker from the base to the glans. Execution of pumping The potential for injury when pumping is huge if the negative pressure is too high! It should therefore be avoided at all times to create a negative pressure that is higher than 5inHG! It is also important to internalize the following basic rule of pumping: It is not the intensity, but the duration that matters. The best results are achieved when pumping at a relatively low pressure of around 2inHG over a longer period of time. In order not to hinder blood circulation, longer units should be divided into intervals of a maximum of minutes, between which the penis can be gently massaged. You should always pump with an erection that has 80-90% of the maximum hardness, as the blood flow is obstructed when the erection is full. Immediately after pumping, further intensive exercises should initially be avoided, as the tissue is already weakened. Pumping completely without an erection is usually not effective either, since the expansion of the penis in this state can mainly be attributed to the influx of lymph and the cavernous bodies are hardly stretched. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "38

39 It can be helpful to completely remove the pubic hair before pumping, as this way the cylinder sits better on the skin and protects the interior from inflowing air. Hydro pumps For some time now there have been various pump models that work with water (instead of relying on air). The stress on the tissue should be less than with conventional pumps. However, the possible uses are of course severely limited by weight and water. There are therefore no decisive advantages over pumping with air. Stretcher and Extender There are now a number of different stretching devices that are designed to elongate the penis with light to moderate pull. In order for the relatively low stretching to achieve results, stretchers and extenders usually have to be worn for several hours a day. Extenders often work with spring pressure, whereby the penis is attached to the glans with a loop. In the meantime, however, there are also models that work with a vacuum and, as it were, suck in the glans. Although the experiences with stretchers and extenders as the only form of training are quite different, such devices in combination with other training methods can ensure rapid progress. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "39

40 Extenders are ideal for use after a stretching unit, for example, to keep the penis in a slightly stretched state and thus to achieve better adaptation of the tissue. Depending on the design, extenders can be an expensive purchase. The price range is between 30 euros for entry-level models and several hundred euros for high-tech devices. The effect cannot be inferred from the price alone. Often, however, slightly more expensive models are more comfortable to wear and are therefore easier to use in practice. I use this pump here and can only recommend it to you. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "40

41 Training the pelvic floor muscles The training of the pelvic floor muscles was made famous by Arnold H. Kegel and is an important part of penis enlargement training, although it does not have a direct effect on the penis. The bulbocavernosum muscle and the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) are trained by the so-called bowling. A strong development of these muscles has enormous advantages, because the pelvic floor muscles influence the hardness and duration of erections, can be used deliberately to delay ejaculation during sex and, with sufficient training, even enable multiple orgasms for men through an injection. Strengthened pelvic floor muscles are also important to prevent urinary and faecal incontinence in old age. The most difficult point in bowling is likely to be to specifically perceive and tense the pelvic floor muscles. This is easiest when urinating, as tensing the pelvic floor muscles leads to an interruption of the urine stream. The actual Kegel exercise is of course not performed later while urinating, but it is a good way to develop an initial feel for the perception of the muscles. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "41

42 A bowling workout can be done anywhere several times a day, depending on your preference. While the tensing is still difficult for beginners and is only possible for a few seconds, the PC muscle can be better controlled and tensed for as long as you want. During a training session, the pelvic floor muscles should be tensed for different lengths of time. For example, you can start with short cones of a few seconds and then increase the intensity to seconds or even a minute of tensing. An often neglected form of coning is also the reverse cone, in which the PC muscle is so tensed that it is would produce a particularly hard stream of urine when urinating. This form of bowling should also be practiced regularly. Only a perfect interaction of both types enables absolute control over the pelvic floor muscles. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARKER: # FSN6XT PAGE "42

43 Training plans and improvements Especially with beginners, the potential for errors in terms of training intensity and scope is very high. So many beginners follow the motto a lot helps a lot and thus commit a fatal mistake. Because too great an intensity not only increases the risk of injury to the untrained tissue, but also the risk of later failure to make progress. Without the possibility of increasing the intensity, results are often a long time coming after an initial adjustment of the tissue. In addition, especially with newbies, a light to moderate training load is completely sufficient to make solid progress. The penis should be warmed up before each training session! A light massage and warmth are recommended to ensure optimal blood circulation. Grain pillows or warm washcloths, but also heating pads, are suitable as heat donors. A warm-up program of around five minutes is perfectly adequate. You should also warm up briefly after each training session in order to keep the blood circulation in full swing and to keep the penis in the largest possible (flaccid) state. PENIS ENLARGEMENT YOUR MARK: # FSN6XT PAGE "43