How much should parents pay their babysitter

Hourly wages for babysitters

Adequate payment - a matter of negotiation with basic rules

Paying babysitters is basically a matter of negotiation. Regional differences play just as much a role in the question of the hourly wage as the parents' financial situation.

The age of the babysitter as well as the tasks to be carried out and the level of care required are also important. The time of day and the level of training of the babysitter allow the hourly wage to vary again.

The rule here is that expensive is not automatically good and cheap is not automatically bad. Some very young babysitters, for example, work for three to four euros an hour. For adolescents, i.e. from 16 to 18 years of age, an hourly wage of five to eight euros per hour is common. In metropolitan areas such as Hamburg or Munich, 10-15 euros per hour are occasionally charged and - depending on the babysitter's level of qualification - also paid.

The question of safety and insurance for the babysitter is non-negotiable. Accidents during care or on the way to the sitter appointment can never be ruled out. After all, you are dealing with children. The parents of the child to be looked after should accordingly ensure that the babysitter is legally insured against accidents. Liability insurance takes over this protection. Like au-pair girls and boys, babysitters are considered to be “domestic helpers” who look after children for a fee. You must be registered with the responsible accident insurance institution within a week for a small annual fee.

There is a “household check” for insuring the commute to work. "This is a form that is available at the mini-job center," says Matthias Triebel from the Federal Association of Accident Insurance Funds in Munich.

The babysitter should also have extended liability insurance himself. The normal liability insurance does not apply because it is about "care on behalf" and "for a fee".