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  • Hello everybody

    I'm currently at the deck planking (or rather shortly before it) and still have one or the other question and of course I hope that you can help me a little.
    So here are the questions: How wide is the original plank? In other words, how wide should it be for a / my 1:25 model? Am I close to the should with 3mm? 5mm are probably too wide?
    As I have chosen, the original planks are between 5 and 8 meters long, is that also true for motor yachts? Now it would also be interesting to know how that should look like with the offset, the pattern (offset of the joints by 1/3 plank length?). I already googled for yacht photos but unfortunately couldn't find a picture on which the pattern was recognizable. What I have found in writing is that between 2 buttocks there must be at least two plank tracks. This information was (however, referred to /) for sailing yachts. Does this also apply to motor yachts? Also assume that with motor yachts just like with sailing yachts the classic variant adapted to the course of the rumf with body pieces and king planks is used, and no parallel laying. Right?

    Greetings and thanks already.
  • So there are no precise clues .... you can of course assume that a plank is about 10cm wide in the original, then it is 1:25 ... = 4mm.
    Otherwise you can also use 5 or 6mm ... if you still want to lay veins or flad the deck then pull that off the model plank
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  • If your deck is supposed to be a pure "show" deck, i.e. only for the appearance, then this might be interesting:

    It's about a sailing yacht, but you can transfer that directly for a motor yacht (as long as not a 100mtr luxury yacht).

    You usually have bumps. not because the deck has no supporting role. One then tries to make the plank joints invisible or to take strips so long that there are no joints.

    The width of the bars (planks) mostly depends on the size of the deck, not too narrow, not too wide. It just has to "somehow fit" and look good ...
    Then the designer in you is in demand.

    Here are some pictures of an 18m motor yacht:
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  • Hi jack

    here is a link that helped me a lot
    Deck planking

    and here are a few more pictures of mine and of pictures that helped me.
  • Hello everybody

    Thanks for the great, useful / helpful tips, links and pictures.
    @ Holzwurm0101
    Sorry don't know what is fladern?

    Jup gives a pure show deck, i.e. no load-bearing or any other function other than "looking good".
    In this case, I'll look for the designer in me. Hope to find him

    Hello, looks good resp. super nice. Especially with the cool white veins! (Small "mistake" (beauty flaw) but I think I have discovered it (picture 1). I think that the Königsplanke is not so completely correct. I think it should be a slightly wider individual .. Fishings that have been made look but still look quite neat good / great from ..
    What is it that you see protruding from picture 3? (What is used for the veins?) Do you just grind it down afterwards or do you pull it off with a blade?

    Clear varnish for sealing Yes / No?

  • fladern ... comes from the joinery ..

    are you looking at

    Not only does it mean cutting open the wood, but also means processing the wood or the flower image.
    So the application of patterns ... without introducing veins
    .... built on bulkhead for over 40 years ....
    .... cannot list all that I have already built .....
  • Hello jack

    Pictures 1-3 are from the internet forum minisail-ev.de which godfligher also mentioned.
    The pictures 4-5 are mine and I took 5mm mahogany in 1mm basswood.
  • P.S.

    Incidentally, here is the link to the Valdivia building instructions mentioned by godfligher:


    (if someone else comes across this thread while searching and interested)

    P.S.S That with the 0.5 Plexi is not bad, unfortunately it is white and gray I would like it a little better.