You can change your accent

How to change Siri's voice, accent, gender, and language

Most of us know Siri as an American female voice. What you may not realize is that you can actually change Siri to have a different accent, gender, and language.

If you've assumed this is the only way "it" works, you know Siri comes with male and female, British and Australian accents on the iPhone and iPad too. If you've used it on macOS, Siri includes additional feminine Irish and South African accents.

Change Siri on iOS 10

To access Siri's options on iOS 10, first open Settings, then tap Siri.

Then tap on "Siri Voice". Here you can see that it is "American (Female)" by default.

In the Siri Voice options, you can choose between American, Australian and British. Under the accents, you can assign a male or female gender to Siri.

The new accent or gender will take effect once you are connected to WiFi and the new voice has been downloaded.

If you'd like to change Siri's language, just go back to a screen and tap the "Language" option.

If you're not interested in your new Siri setup, just go back and change it to something else.

Change the Siri accent on macOS Sierra

On macOS, you can access Siri's options in System Preferences.

The main option in macOS Siri options is the voice menu.

In addition to the American, Australian, and British accents in iOS 10, you can have your Siri speak with a female Irish or South African accent.

Once you've changed Siri's accent, gender, or language it will look like you've got a brand new personal assistant.

The next time a friend is instructing your Siri in a British female or Australian male voice, you can impress them with your Siri knowledge and show them how to do it on their iPhone or Mac.