How can you personally help the government?

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Your data is safe at all times.
As a user, you remain anonymous at all times.
Anonymous means:
Nobody can see you.

You do not need to provide any personal information
when you log into the app.
So no name and no email.
You simply download the app.

If you meet other users of the app,
the cell phones remember this encounter.
When they meet, the cell phones exchange a random code,
a secret combination of numbers.
That happens every time
if you meet other users with the app.

The random codes are only
saved on your own mobile phone.
They are automatically deleted after 14 days.

When a person has the corona virus,
you can warn other people with the help of the app.
This warning is voluntary.

The infected person enters into the app,
that she has a confirmed infection with the corona virus.
Confirmed infection means:
The infection was found in a corona test.
So the person has a positive test result.

Now the random codes
released to the infected person.
This means:
Your cell phone can check
whether it knows the random codes.
If it knows the infected person's random codes,
does that mean:
You have met this person in the past 14 days.
Then the app will show you a warning.

The infected person's data
and also your data
always remain a secret.

Nobody can do anything wrong with the app.
Nobody is personally identifiable.
Nobody can find out about you.
For example, whether you report the Corona Virus yourself.
Or whether you had contact
to a person with Corona.

Experts for data protection have collaborated

When developing the app
many experts collaborated for data protection:

  • the federal commissioner for data protection
    and the freedom of information,
  • the Federal Office for Information Security

That's why the app is safe.
Everyone should be able to see that.
You can read on the Internet:

  • How was the app built?
  • How does the app work?
  • How is the technology of the app?

Professionals can always
participate in the development of the app.
You can check:
Where can I have problems with the app?
Then you can help
improve the app.