What is your favorite thing about people

Translation of "your favorite thing" in English

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See this as a wrapped up excuse your favorite thing close.

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Just make a list your favorite things and we fetch supplies from a few of them.
It's a place where you all your favorite things keep.
Is that one your favorite things? - Uh, no.
Hey I mean you should take something with you your favorite things.
We said your ... your Father can do his Favorite things take away, and now ... now he's hauling all of his belongings here.
We said what was dear to him, not all his old junk!
These are a couple of mine Favorite things.
I have all of mine Favorite things assigned a return spell.
Here are a few from Aarons Favorite things: Kurt Geiger shoes.
This' espresso brew is mine so far Favorite thing in humanity.
This "espresso" concoction is my favorite thing about humanity so far.
Mom and Grandma have a lot of mine Favorite things put in there.
And I have it Favorite things made by children ...
George Tucker, there are mine in your basket Favorite things inside.
For a real Viking burial, he absolutely has to have his Favorite things take you to heaven.
To be a proper Viking funeral, it's crucial that you need to take his favorite things to heaven.
In this are all mine Favorite things.
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