Is Eve a Christian name

Christian names 40 first names associated with Christianity

First nameOrigin / meaningAndraA rather unknown form of the name Andrea is Andra. This Christian name for girls is best known from the New Testament from the apostle Andrew.BenitaBenita is actually a Christian maiden name that goes back to St. Benedict. Benita is translated as "the kind" or "the blessed". CandelaOn the 40th day after Christmas, Candlemas is celebrated. This festival commemorates the birth of Jesus and was introduced as early as the fourth century AD. The name Candela goes back to it and translates as "candle". ChristinaA Christian girl name that will never go out of style is Christina. This name is the feminine form of the name Christian, which refers directly to Christ. Christina is also translated as "the Christian". DorotheaSaint Dorothea lived in the 3rd century AD and was venerated in her role as a Christian virgin and martyr. According to legend, she rejected a wealthy governor who was pagan in order to give himself completely to the Christian faith. Because of this decision, she was beheaded and later canonized by the Catholic Church. EvaA well-known biblical name that comes from the Old Testament: Eve. The name comes from the Hebrew word "Chawwah" which means "mother of the living". ElisabethElisabeth of Thuringia was a landgrave who was especially venerated for her Christian charity. She lived in the 13th century and is the patroness of the state of Thuringia. Your Christian first name means "God swears" and comes from Hebrew. FedoraLess known, but a beautiful Christian name for girls is Fedora, which goes back to the first name Theodor. Saint Theodore played an important role in the persecution of Christians in the Middle Ages as a faithful Catholic who died a martyr's death.HuldaSaint Hulda was a Catholic living around 620 AD, who appeared primarily as a prophetess and spread the Christian faith. Her name is of German origin and translates as "the Holde". JoshebaThis Christian name for girls goes back to a woman who lived in the 9th century BC. Took dangers to defend their beliefs. Joscheba means translated from Hebrew "Yahweh has sworn". ClareLess known in Christian history is Clare of Assisi. Like Francis of Assisi, she was the founder of the order and worked closely with him. Klara is a popular Christian name for girls and translated from Latin means "the shining one". LeaLea is known as the wife of Jacob from the book of Genesis, but above all as Saint Lea of ​​Rome. Lea of ​​Rome was the patron saint of widows and known as a wealthy benefactress for the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. The name Lea is Hebrew and can mean "God is strong". MariaProbably the most famous Christian name for girls is Maria. As Mother of God she appears in the New Testament and is remembered by everyone as a holy virgin, loving mother and - literally translated - “the fruitful one”. MagdalenaMaria Magdalena was less popular, but all the more well known. At first she was known as the companion of Jesus and a witness to his resurrection. In the Middle Ages she was referred to as a sinner, especially in sermons by Pope Gregory I, which permanently damaged her reputation. This Christian first name is translated from Hebrew as "tower". RebekahRebekah is best known as the wife of Isaac and mother of Esau and Jacob from the Old Testament. This Christian name for girls comes from Hebrew and means "great patience". RuthRuth became popular as a woman who fought against the famine of the Israeli people in the Old Testament. Her Christian first name translated from Hebrew means “the one who makes you full”. SalomeIn the New Testament, Saint Salome appears as a lesser-known disciple of Jesus. She was also involved in spreading his resurrection and the associated Christian faith. The Christian first name Salome is derived from “shalom”, meaning “peace”. SaraSara is a biblical character from Genesis. She is considered the archmother and founder of the Israeli people. The name is therefore Hebrew and means "princess". TeresaThis Christian first name is best known through Mother Teresa, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a Catholic missionary. The derivation is unclear: It is assumed that the name is of Greek origin and means "coming from Thera". UtaA modern Christian who draws attention to herself is Uta Ranke-Heimann. She was the first female Catholic theologian to habilitate in her subject in 1969 and receive her professorship. Their name goes back to the old German "Ot", which means "to own".