Uber drivers will be penalized for canceling

About cashless payments. The problem of a trip that never happened. Cancellation of the order and withdrawal of money

What is the reason the UBER app is not receiving orders? How can you find out if orders are in the air of application? How can you see the competitor's cars?

Are you checking that you are in the air?

When you are online and there are no orders, you need to check that your car is visible to the passenger.
To do this, you need to download the Uber customer app and sign up for it. Click the icon to download the application:
Then you need to go through the standard registration process in the application, it will take no more than 3 minutes.
When you go into the application you will see your car right next to you:

When the car is visible on the map, it means the user sees you and can call you. Most likely this place doesn't need a car right now.
Also note that there may be other cars in this location and the queue will be distributed in the order of the queue. The first car to arrive will take the order first and last.
Let's give an example of why drivers wait a long time for an order:
4 cars within half a kilometer. With the tendency of 1 order in 10 minutes, the wait for the last driver to enter the area can take 40 minutes.

What if you can't be seen in the air in the Ub er Client App?
In this case, you need to contact the Uber-UP manager who will help you solve the problem. we will be happy to help you solve all your questions!
Thank you for your trust in the Uber-UP team! Great work and more good customers!




The safety of passengers and drivers on Uber is of the utmost importance. To better protect everyone in the car, the following rules must be observed:

  • Compliance with Laws
    Illegal substances and open alcohol containers are not allowed in driver's cars. This is a violation of the law and a serious violation of Uber policies. In addition, Uber does not allow drivers to use drugs or alcohol while they are using the Uber system. If a passenger believes the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can request an immediate cessation of the journey and contact Uber support (help.uber.com).
  • As the driver, it is your responsibility to transport passengers safely in accordance with traffic regulations. As a passenger, you are responsible for complying with the laws governing the use of seat belts. We recommend that you ALWAYS wear your seat belts while driving in any of the vehicles, both in the front seat and in the back seat. If your seat belts are defective, please notify the driver and contact Uber support (help.uber.com).
  • Disabled passengers
    Uber expects compliance with all state, state, and local laws governing the carriage of passengers with disabilities. A violation of these laws, also with regard to the use of service animals, constitutes a violation of the license agreement of the parties. Service animals must be allowed to be transported in accordance with the legal provisions. Information about the refusal to carry a passenger with a service animal will result in the deactivation of the Uber account.
  • Follow the rules
    We urge partners to ensure that their documents are valid and not expired. Passengers need to ensure that their billing information is kept up to date.
  • Passengers are responsible for the guests who travel with them or for whose journey they have requested. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone abides by Uber's Code of Ethics.
  • Violating this Code of Conduct could result in the loss of your Uber account. Please report violations to Uber Support. It is important that we hear your opinion or comment so that we can take appropriate action and continuously improve the level of service.


Safety regulations

Violation of traffic rules

A traffic violation is an obvious violation of Uber's safety rules. Violations of the traffic rules are also not permitted if the customer has asked the driver for them (e.g. if he is late at the airport). If the driver violates traffic rules, his account will be locked without the right to restore.

Transporting children without a child seat

The fast pace of life in the capital means that we all often or seldom use taxi services. For me personally, as a modern person who values ‚Äč‚Äčtime and prefers the benefits of civilization and modern technology, the most convenient way to order a taxi is not the old-fashioned way - by phone, but online. And as an economic person, it is convenient for me to look for the most profitable options.

There are two applications installed on my devices for calling a taxi: Yandex.Taxi and Uber. They were previously accompanied by Gett, but rejected as unreasonably expensive. Uber and Yandex coexist and are used almost the same way depending on the place of departure (Uber is much more difficult to catch even in the closest Moscow region for some reason), cost (increased or reduced prices) and the promised speed of vehicle delivery. I'm not going to compare the apps and service here - I'll limit myself to describing the pros and cons of Uber from a consumer's perspective and solving the problems that really happen to me or my friends. One of them only happened yesterday morning when a careless driver tried to fool me and pick me up. Honestly, made money but got what he deserved.

So the benefits of Uber taxi.

1. Availability and costs. Besides the "peak times" with higher tariffs, Uber is the cheapest taxi. Even if you go a short distance (for example, a couple of subway stations), the difference in cost with other services and taxi services can be about 50 rubles. If you use a taxi frequently, this difference can add up to a significant amount per month.

2. Promo codes and promotions. There's no point talking about Uber promo codes again - the website seems to have a million recommendations on how to drive for free or almost for free. But even if you run out of friends and acquaintances to sell a promotional code to, you often have the option to drive for a penny. Uber likes and arranges promotions with enviable regularity. These can be both discounts on orders (I had up to 50% on trips from 200 rubles), about which you will be informed by mail, and completely sudden tariff cuts, which, unfortunately, are not warned about. An example from life: Once we managed to get from the sm. Pushkinskaya to Mytichi for 180 rubles at peak evening time. For people who are poorly versed in Moscow tariffs and distances, I will explain that this route is usually valued at 350-500 rubles, depending on traffic jams and time.

3. Possibility to change the route. If on the way you suddenly decide to stop by your favorite bakery on the other side of town or not to go home but to a closer nightclub, this will not cause any problems, even if the travel expenses have already been deducted from your card. The system recalculates the travel expenses and either writes off the difference or reimburses it.

4. Payment by bank transfer. Yes, for me it is fundamental and important.

5. Omnipresence. It will be very convenient when you can use the same application everywhere: in Moscow, in the Leningrad region or in the south. You just open Uber and drive without looking for a local regular taxi. Can't say anything about overseas - I've never used it, but they also respond positively to it.

6. Responsive Support Service. If you know how to communicate with her.

7. Delivery with Uber. A very handy feature that came to the rescue more than once when it was necessary to deliver something from point A to point B. It's much cheaper than courier services if your company doesn't have a courier service. For everyday needs, I think it will be useful for someone too.

8. Creation of templates. Frequently used addresses do not have to be entered manually: just add the templates "Home", "Work" and so on.

Minus points.

1. Drivers and Cars. Connecting to Uberunamny is easier than any other famous service ... this means that there is a very diverse contingent of drivers and cars. I have nothing against Kalin and accents! But I have something against drivers who can get lost with a navigator and against rattling cars that threaten to collapse. Hence, there are many unpleasant consequences.

2. Provisional depreciation of money. Even if I don't refuse the order, something can go wrong due to the driver's fault or force majeure. The fact that I've already paid is psychologically upsetting.

3. Lack of real time for delivery of the car before ordering. We use taxis the most when we're late or in a hurry, right? Before you place an order and assign a car to the order, the system shows you when the next car will be picked up. In this case, there is no need at all for the driver of this vehicle to accept the order. Maybe he's busy right now (smokes, for example), or he doesn't want to go to the outskirts of the center, or he doesn't want to exchange for an order for 100 rubles, or maybe he just didn't like your name or the stars were wrong. Of course, Uber drivers don't get knocked on the head for frequent cancellations, but let's face it: I've never received a car in the promised 2-5 minutes - usually the order is taken by a driver who is at least 7-10 minutes away is. My personal maximum waits 25 minutes for the driver instead of the promised three. I value my time, but in this situation I could not refuse the order because - read paragraph 2 and because:

4. Paid cancellation of the order. Even if you opted for cash payment, you will be charged a cancellation of 100-200 rubles for canceling the order (depending on the tariff). If you pay for the order with a card, this money will simply not be returned to your account. A free rejection will only be given if you can do it within 5 minutes, which is nowhere near always possible. The fact is sad and depressing because most of my friends turned down Uber precisely for this reason: they had to cancel the order for some reason (mostly because of Clause 1), and the money written off could not be returned because the support service is picking up no good contact. And that's the next point.

5. Unavailability of support services. You can leave a complaint or dispute something just using the forms provided in the application. They're pretty limited and the phones don't show up anywhere (I'm not sure if there are any). And that's why I'm going to be giving a guide on how to communicate with the Uber joint venture in a way that is good for the joint venture.

Chat with Uber's customer support and refunds.

The Uber Taxi Support Service only works via the app. You can't call them or write a letter - just use the standard form to express your thoughts.

There are simple situations that are resolved almost automatically. For example, making a copy of a receipt or sending back forgotten things (the latter of course depends on the driver). However, there are situations that cannot easily be resolved automatically. Some of them - seriously or not very much - can hit your wallet.

I will only speak about those who I have met personally or in whose decision I have participated.

1. Write off money for other people's trips.

So the problem. Imagine the situation. The young man lives in Zelenograd and works in Moscow. He goes to work at 9 a.m. and suddenly receives a charge notification and receipt for his Uber trip. Trying to understand the situation, the young man realizes that the funds have been written off for a trip to Italy, where he had never been in his life. And the crowd is pretty big. While he is sorting out the money is debited for another trip.

Solution: 1. Block the card and solve problems on the bank side. 2. Write to Uber JV under the item "Help \ u003d \ u003e Account, Payment, Depreciation \ u003d \ u003e I do not know why the money was withdrawn from me \ u003d \ u003e Unknown write-off from my account". On the proposed page, you need to provide your card number and information about the charge, attach a screen and describe the situation in free form. The main rule for communicating with Uber support is to write clearly, calmly, and to the point. You need to describe the problem as precisely as possible and state the reasons for your innocence. In this case, the fact that you were in a different location and did not link your card to your brother, matchmaker or second cousin's accounts. Refunds are only possible in this situation if you communicate calmly and clearly with the support, without scandals and threats. because the service's fault here is indeed not - they might read your card details in other ways.

2. Means for canceling an Uber order.

Next situation. Let's assume you've called a taxi and are already waiting for it at the junction in the bakery. The driver drives a long time and when he finally approaches the place, he stops two blocks and activates the waiting function. It's raining outside and you're on your heels - walking two blocks isn't exactly lazy, but why hail a cab? When you call the driver, you try to explain that he has arrived in the wrong place, to which he replies that he does not know where Malozadryupinsky Alley is. The hall is located on Bolshaya Zadryupinskaya Street, where it will be waiting for you. You are already losing your temper and telling him you have nowhere to go. The driver starts circling the area, passes you a few times (accidentally or on purpose) but never stops. You cancel your order and walk home - the rain suits your mood. Cancellation fees are charged for the order.

Solution: There is a problem report under every order in the app. In this case it was in the sub-item "I was charged the cancellation costs". The description of the problem is as follows: describe it fully and clearly, indicating the nuances and the expected result (for example, return the money and punish the driver). You shouldn't complain several times if the previous message has not been answered for a long time: not a single objection is overlooked, everything is answered. In addition, the reply to your e-mail will be received and you can already reply in the e-mail correspondence mode.

3. Write off money for a trip that was never completed.

Or another situation. You call a taxi, but instead of the promised two minute wait, the application shows 25. The driver's car on the map is somewhere in the distance and not moving. When you call the driver you find out that he is stuck in a traffic jam and not coming soon. When asked to refuse the order so the car can bring it closer, the driver refuses. Then the order fulfillment function is activated without reaching you. If you cancel, you will not be charged the cost of the cancellation, but also the money for the apparently partially completed trip. You call another taxi but you are still late to your destination.

Solution: In the complaint about the trip, select the item "I do not agree with the cost of the trip \ u003d \ u003e My pick-up point and destination are wrong." And we behave just like in the previous example.

Bottom line: you can always get your money back if you are right. The main thing is to be able to do it

In general, Uber is a very good service for calling a taxi. And swarms occur in many companies.

Thank you for your attention!