How thick is a big penis

sexuality THIS is what the perfect penis looks like

"Size does matter", that is, "size matters" - that may be true. But not only! Because a study from Switzerland is now clarifying how perfect a penis has to be. The top three on the penis scale: The overall appearance landed in first place, i.e. how aesthetically “it” appears in general.

The pubic hair lies on the two: please a little trimmed, but not completely shaved, gentlemen! But it shouldn't be too hairy around "him" either. That's only fair - women epilate and depilate as much as they can.

The perfect penis is thick

The thickness of his best piece landed in third place. The diameter is therefore more important than the length. A thickness of three to five centimeters was given as ideal. Many women report that the thicker the penis, the better the sex. So thickness beats length! Because it can only be found in sixth place. The women in the Swiss study wanted 13 to 15 centimeters. In the USA it can be one centimeter more: according to the University of California, it should ideally be 16 centimeters long when erect.

So, breathe easy, dear men! But in general, as always in life, the most important thing is love, and the rest is simply a matter of taste and a little bit of technology. It can also be a little bigger or smaller than the "guard measure"!

Women like this penis ...

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