How do companies work with subsidiaries

The start in the company: Who can work when?

Do you want to fill a position in your company with a refugee? How do you get in contact with suitable candidates, what information do you need and what formalities do you need to clarify in advance?

The Company GRUNSKE Metall-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the leading environmental service provider and raw material supplier ALBA Group, is a specialist in steel and metal recycling as well as disposal logistics. The company currently employs four refugees - two trainees as professional drivers and two permanent employees as loaders in the vehicle fleet.

Jörg Rauschenbach, managing director of GRUNSKE, sees refugees as a real opportunity for the company.

What was your motivation to employ refugees in your company?

There has been a shortage of skilled workers in our industry for a long time. We are therefore always looking for motivated trainees and see the refugees in Germany as a real opportunity for our company.

Which points do you consider to be particularly relevant before hiring a refugee in the company?

The employment status of the potential employee must be clarified. A number of formalities must be observed when recruiting, which vary depending on the refugee's residence permit. This is particularly relevant for us as a company in order to have planning security, because we always strive for long-term cooperation. It is also very important to clarify in advance whether you have sufficient knowledge of German and to find out about possible cultural differences and how to deal with them.

And what are your tips for hiring refugees for other companies?

It is important that as a company, at training fairs and job fairs and also in relation to voluntary initiatives, one emphasizes again and again that one is interested in employing refugees. This is the easiest way to come into contact with them. And you need employees from the core workforce who support this decision and who are by the side of the new colleagues from the very first minute.