How expensive should your home be

With the budget calculator for secure financing

You can adjust further information such as the additional costs, the security discount and any costs of the modernization in the mortgage calculator if you wish. After entering you will get an overview of which loan amount you can service or which total amount you can spend including your equity and which remaining debt remains after your fixed interest rate has expired.

Optional: request a financing offer online

Optionally, after the calculation, you can simply request a financing offer online - without any obligation. Over 400 banks and savings banks guarantee a large selection. You will receive competent advice from financing specialists and, of course, favorable terms for buying a house or other property.


The maximum loan amount is calculated using the following rule of thumb: Financial capacity (installment) multiplied by 12 months, multiplied by 100 and divided by the sum of the interest rate in% and repayment in%.

The repayment calculator determines the initial repayment required if you want to repay the loan in full within a certain period of time.

Take the additional costs into account

The maximum financial framework does not correspond to the maximum costs of the property, because in addition to the actual construction costs, builders must also take into account the incidental costs. A distinction is made between the ancillary building costs (such as expenses for a land survey, the architects, the demolition of old buildings or the development) and the ancillary acquisition costs (such as notary and land registry costs, brokerage commission or land transfer tax). The ancillary construction costs make up around 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of building the house, the ancillary acquisition costs usually add up to 10 to 15 percent.

Both items still have to be deducted from the maximum financial framework, then the maximum purchase price is fixed and builders know pretty much how much their dream home can cost.

The ancillary construction costs also depend heavily on how you build: Are you buying your house turnkey? Or do you have to include the architect's fee? Can the property still be financed?

Safety reserve

If you play it safe and don't want to exhaust your financial resilience to the last cent, you can still plan a safety reserve. If this money is not needed, builders can treat themselves and their family to a few days of vacation or use it for a special repayment.

Fixed interest rate

What role does the fixed interest rate play in real estate financing?

Fixed interest rate

Follow-up financing

With follow-up financing, builders can secure better interest rates for their construction financing.

Follow-up financing

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