A threesome makes me gay

Threesome with a couple

Threesomes with a male couple are one of those things. Why? Well, it is often the case that the horny guy would like to slide through the bed with the man and then have a friend who fills the saying "opposites attract" with life. In other words, I often only like one part of the team, the other one has to be accepted if one is willing.

Ok, often it is exaggerated. My previous threesomes with couples can be counted on your fingers without having to use your toes to help. At the beginning of the month, shortly before my 32nd birthday, another situation arose.

At the moment I am on the road a lot for work on various construction sites in Germany, sometimes even beyond. About two weeks ago I was busy in a larger German city and decided to have fun in the evening. Since I have a gay buddy in town (no, we have and didn't have sex) we went to a gay disco together. I have my body under control enough that I can venture onto the dance floor without looking stupid and after a few drinks I'm ready to dance.

Then I noticed a handsome guy. I estimated him to be about 25, a bit shorter than me, about 180cm, slim and pretty face with a three-day beard. He noticed my looks and danced his way over to me. About a quarter of an hour later we landed at the bar with two Warsteiners in hand and I found out that his name was Eike.

Well what can I say. Because of all the work, I hadn't had sex for over two weeks, except with myself, and the guy turned me on to a significant extent. We joked a bit and I told them where I came from, etc. At some point we smooched a little. My hand wandered over his firm ass cheeks and my cock pressed rock hard against the jeans.

I asked him if he wanted to come to my hotel.

"Are you active?" He asked.

"Yes, almost exclusively," I replied.

"I'm not here alone, I'm with my boyfriend."

"Your friend?"

"My boyfriend, yes."

"And that means? Do you have an open relationship?"

He looked at me embarrassed. "Well, halfway. So we're doing threesomes ..."

Well, he looked cute as he stood there so embarrassed. But apparently he was now speechless. "Where is he?" I asked.

"I think he's outside smoking."

I thought I'll let myself be surprised and look at type. He was standing outside with two pretty lesbian girls. He's a Turk, and it turned out to be 30 years old. At first I thought he was older, but you never know that with smokers, they often look older than they are. The warning "smoking leads to premature aging" is no accident. Nonetheless, he was handsome, slim, and a handsome, clean-shaven face.

Eike introduced me to his friend Kadir and the five of us chatted for a while. At some point the two girls left and there were only three of us. I thought what the heck, and while chatting, I put an arm around Kadir's shoulder. Although he winced at first, he put up with it. Soon Eike came closer and the three of us started to make out. Although I noticed that Kadir was a little more reserved than Eike.

"Shall we go to our place?" Asked Eike.

I looked at Kadir. "Would you like it if it fits?"

"Let's go then," replied Kadir.

At first there were three of us next to each other, then Eike gave Kadir a short pull on the arm and the two stayed a little bit behind. "You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, everything's fine, don't worry. Just clarify something."

I thought to myself that hopefully she would now clarify everything and not just want to back off when it comes to the point. I also wondered which of the two is the passive. Sure, this thought is clichéd, often in male couples both partners are active and passive. But it is also often the case that during a relationship the roles are then distributed and one partner is predominantly active and the other is not at all or only very rarely.

Shortly afterwards, the two of them caught up with me again and we reached their apartment. As soon as the door closed behind me, Eike kissed me. At first Kadir just watched how we smooched intensely. Then he stepped up to Eike from behind and kissed his neck, rubbing his hips on his ass, which made Eike moan.

"All right," I thought to myself. "So Eike is getting laid today".

And he was already fiddling with my pants until my piston popped out. Eike knelt down and licked my part while Kadir snogged me.

I wanted to open Kadir's pants but he pushed my fingers away and did it himself. He took off the pants and his underpants. His Turkish tail was hard and quite stately, his sack hung deep under it. Of course, my eyes fell on his ass too. His tight, hairy bottom turned me on not insignificantly.

Eike took off her jeans and T-shirt, his ass was white and shaved. He sucked Kadir's cock while I undressed and watched the two of them. I stepped behind Eike, he was making out with Kadir, and rubbed my cock against the crack in his ass, which made him moan loudly. Kadir leaned over and kissed me over Eike's shoulder. He grabbed my cock, which was rock hard on the right ass cheek of his friend and jerked it.

"Let's go to the bedroom," said Kadir, and went first.

Eike whispered to me. "Hit him from behind. Show him that you want to fuck him ..."

"I thought he was active ..." I replied.

Eike smiled. "Just do it, you horny pig. He likes you, you can tell that."

Said and done. Eike turned on soft music in the bedroom while I pushed my way up to Kadir from behind. His hairy little Turkish ass was round and tight. Kadir groaned while I made thrusting motions with my hip and rubbed my cock against his ass. Eike meanwhile sucked his friend's cock again.

"I want to fuck you Kadir," I said and that was without a doubt the truth.

Kadir turned around wordlessly and knelt in front of me to suck my cock. I leaned forward and put Eike's dick in my mouth. It was uncircumcised, but its shiny purple glans was exposed. Somehow the three of us ended up on the bed. I behind Kadir and Eike in front of him.

"Are you up for it?" Eike asked his friend.

Kadir turned his head to me. "Yeah ... fuck me!" He said.

Eike fished a condom out of a drawer and slipped it over my stiff bar. Kadir knelt on all fours on the bed. Eike smeared the tight Turkish ass well with lubricant and first pushed one, then two fingers into the fuck hole. Then he whispered to me. "Be careful. It's his first time, he's only been active so far."

Well, the thought that the handsome Turk was still unbuckled turned me on even more than it already was. My cock pulsed almost painfully. I knelt behind Kadir and rubbed my butt against his hole. The Turk groaned.

With only a little pressure I hit his Turkish hole again and again, although I had to control myself not to just hit it. My cock had not widened a fuck hole for almost two weeks and demanded his rights. But I controlled myself.

When my thick glans finally penetrated Kadir's ass, he bit into the pillow, but he pushed his ass towards me. Eike's fingers scratched my sack while I deflowered his friend. With small but energetic thrusts I pushed my cock further into the tight Turkish ass until my fucker was completely in it.

I leaned over and pushed Kadir onto the bed. I opened his legs and fucked the guy. Careful at first. When I realized that he could do it, I increased my pace and the hardness of the shocks. Eike jerked his cock while he watched us, again and again he grabbed my cock to feel how it slipped out and in in the ass of his friend.

Anyway, I was on the verge of vomiting my semen when Kadir shouted: "Spray inside me, please!"

I did him a favor and drove my fucking piston deep into the Turkish ass again, then I spray my load with powerful thrusts in the Turk. When I pulled out my cock, Kadir groaned. I pulled off the well-filled rubber and the Turk rolled over on his back.

"Great thing," he said. "Eike come here," he added.

Eike sat down on Kadir and inserted his hard turkish latte into his ass, then he moved on his friend. Kadir lay there passively and had his cock milked from his friend's ass. It wasn't long before he came and his cock twitched while he inseminated his friend's ass. Eike was spraying seconds later and his sperm slapped on Kadir's chest. When Eike got up, the Turkish sperm dripped out of the fuck hole.

The three of us cuddled in the bed afterwards. I learned that Kadir had only been active so far, but now wanted to know what it's like to be fucked. Since Eike is only passive, they looked for a third party. They'd had threesomes before, but so far Kadir hadn't been passive.

We slept until morning. Shortly after waking up, Kadir and I fucked Eike together. First Kadir inseminated his ass again, then I fucked the guy with rubber. Then I took another look at Kadir's Turkish cunt.

Since I had to leave the city two days later, there was no further meeting. However, the two of them will come to visit me soon.

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