Are corn flakes good to eat for dinner?

Breakfast for dinner: why you should eat muesli, eggs and Co. better in the evening

After a long day at work, you come home and need something to eat quickly. Often this is followed by reaching into the freezer or the phone to start the well-deserved evening with a quick pizza. And at this point there is one unconventional tip.How about breakfast for dinner? Here we explain what benefits you can expect from this nutritional method ...

Breakfast for dinner: these are the advantages

First of all, after a long day at work, we don't want to spend the whole evening on elaborate preparation. Lie solution: Breakfast is available quickly. The ingredients are ready in the refrigerator and do not have to be peeled, boiled or fried. Even the delivery service, which takes at least half an hour, has no chance in terms of time.More time for you and your evening relaxation.

Healthy and versatile

If we get hungry in the evening again, high-fiber breakfast products such as Oat flakes or muesli, satisfy the appetite in a more sustainable and long-term way as pizza and Co. A salmon or egg roll also provide you with Protein, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. The versatile combination options for breakfast can be carried over to the evening and provide you with all the nutrients you need. Instead of a glass of wine or beer with dinner, we recommend tea. Thereby you save calories and relax your gastrointestinal tract.

You can see from the popular ones that the trend has long since arrived with us all-day breakfast cafes, which are particularly popular on weekends. “Biner” is a great solution for us to prepare a quick and healthy meal in the evening without exposing yourself to the risk of overeating. Give it a try!

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