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Chef of the Phantomhives


Cooking is an art! And art is a blast!
Bardroy (バ ル ド ロ イ, Barudoroi), or often just called Bard, appears for the first time in the first season of Kuroshitsuji in episode 1 "His butler is talented". In the manga it appears for the first time in Volume 1, Chapter 1: "This butler is capable".

He is an American and one of the Phantomhives servants. Bardroy is the chef of the house. He used to be a soldier. But when everyone in his troop died and he was the only one to survive, Sebastian hired him. Ciel then took him on as a cook in his villa.


Like the other servants in the house, Bardroy has great respect and a certain fear of Sebastian Michaelis. He is very loyal to Ciel and does his best to prove himself around the house. He is always ready to help and works hard to try to be of service. Usually with catastrophic consequences. Between Finnian and Mey-Rin he is the "cool one". Bardroy always has a cigarette in his mouth. When Ciel and Sebastian are not around, he seems to be responsible for the other servants to some extent. As a former soldier, Bardroy still has contacts with gun builders and the like so that he is always equipped with the latest weapons and can be prepared for anything in an emergency.

His character traits, which are not particularly good, are that he is easily irritable, grumpy, and impatient. Bardroy has strange preparation methods when cooking, which usually end with charred food and Sebastian has to help over and over again. The problem lies in his time in the war, as Bard cannot imagine doing something slowly and with a lot of time. Therefore, he often uses a flamethrower to cook or fry the food. Bard makes decisions very quickly and without thinking too much and doesn't think about the consequences.

Sebastian told him he's an idiot whose cooking results are 80 percent charcoal and 20 percent broken dishes.


Bardroy is a 181 cm tall man with short, shaggy, blond hair and blue-gray eyes. He usually has a cigarette in his mouth and a serious expression on his face. Bardroy is light-skinned and wears typical white chef clothing with a long white apron. He also wears dark shoes and usually has protective goggles hanging down around his neck.


Bardroy and the other servants of the house were just lazing around when Sebastian suddenly entered the room. Sebastian doesn't like to see someone doing nothing, because he is of the opinion that if you lazy you have enough time to work. He assigns them their tasks, which they should already be finished with. Bard was to prepare dinner, Finnian was to weed the courtyard, and Mey-Rin was to wash the sheets as they were expecting an important guest. They ran out of the room, wanting to get to work right away. But then they saw that Sebastian was distracted because he was called by Ciel. Bardroy suggested always being one step ahead of Sebastian, which Mey-Rin and Finnian agreed to. When Sebastian returned, however, he saw what they had done. Bardroy burned dinner and the others hadn't gotten any good either. Sebastian now suggested preparing a simple Japanese dish, as they only had two hours until the arrival of their guest, Mr. Damiano. He was enthusiastic about the dinner.

Surprising visit from Elizabeth

When Sebastian and Ciel returned to the mansion, they were very shocked to see that someone was decorating the whole interior with cuddly toys, glitter ribbons and star stickers. Bard, Mey-Rin and Finnian came running out of a room screaming and ran to them. When Ciel and Sebastian entered the room, Elizabeth ran towards Ciel. The next day, because of Elizabeth, there was a small dance in the house. Elizabeth dressed Bard and the other servants of the house, with the exception of Sebastian, in striking clothes. She and Grell continued again late in the evening.

Vacation in Houndsworth - Devil Dog

Bard and the other servants of the house are vacationing in Houndsworth with Ciel and Sebastian. However, that was just an excuse from Ciel, as he had a different plan. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Angela, Mayor Henry's maid. Bard and Mey-Rin and Finnian thought they were very pretty. However, when a murder happens that evening, he becomes a little puzzled and cannot believe it. According to Henry, the victim's name was James and he had to die for breaking the rules. A new problem occurred the very next day. However, when they intervene and protect the little dog, which was about to die, they are handcuffed to the wall and to a post. However, they were saved by Sebastian. When Henry's lies came to light, he was locked in a cell where he was later killed by the devil dog.

The next day Angela disappears, who, according to Bardroy's assumption, wanted to collect medicinal herbs near a moor.
He and the rest of the servants go looking for her and meet a naked man. However, this disappears when they were briefly distracted by the villagers Houndsworth, who tell them that they want to pay homage to the devil dog to appease.
Bardroy, Mey-Rin, Finnian and Tanaka go on the search again and reach a ruin where the devil dog appears and wants to attack them. Finnian, who discovers a piece of cloth from Angela's dress on his claw, is almost killed in the unsuccessful attempt to stop the dog, but is rescued by Sebastian at the last second. This had also come to ruin with Ciel and easily defeated the devil dog.
At the end of the fight, Sebastian carried in his arms the naked man whom Bardroy and the others had recently observed. Angela, who shows up shortly thereafter, explains that she had found the dog man, whose name is Pluto, a month earlier and taken him in without telling anyone about him. She asks Ciel to take Pluto to his country estate, because she thinks he would be fine there and he could grow up to be a loyal friend under Sebastian's guidance. Ciel complies with her request and leaves Houndsworth some time later with Pluto, Sebastian and the others.

Bardroy versus Pluto

All of London is on fire. When Ciel arrives at Bardroy and Finnian's house with Mey-Rin, they point to Pluto, who was about to burn the whole city. Ciel orders his servants to kill Pluto, since he is no longer himself, but is brought to this deed by Ash. As Ciel continues to run, the servants focus on the command. It is very difficult for them to kill a "friend" and they cannot hold back their tears.

At the end of the episode it is revealed that they won the fight but collapsed. Pluto lies dead on the floor. Sebastian comments that all the servants in the house are still breathing. Only Pluto can no longer be felt.


  • In addition to a love of cooking and warfare, he prides himself on repairing electrical appliances.
  • At that time he was a soldier in the British Army.
  • Like: He likes to cook, smoke and blow things up.
  • weapon: Rifle, cannon and flamethrower
  • Special: He's a blast freak.
  • Special features: Almost always has a cigarette in his mouth, his goggles are always around his neck
  • Use safety glasses to cut onions
  • Nickname: Bard
  • There are different spellings for Bardroy's name.
  • He loves his flamethrower.